British Triathlon Launches new Level 3 High Performing Coach Programme


Following an in-depth review and consultation process with a range of stakeholders including past and present level 3 coaches, British Triathlon coaching staff, coach developers, Professional Coaches and Academics specialising in coaching and coach development, we have re-designed the Level 3 Qualification, ensuring it meets the needs and aspirations of triathlon coaches for 2017 and beyond.

The Level 3 High Performing Coach Programme has been designed to revolutionise the way British Triathlon currently develops coaches, informed by the latest research in adult learning and coach education and based on over 10 years’ experience of delivering the level 3 qualification. 

“Our new level 3 qualification is our most innovative coach development programme we have launched to date. We have really challenged the status quo and pushed the boundaries on traditional models of coach education. We are committed to providing the best possible education and learning opportunities for our coaches to best support our triathlon community, ensuring we remain a world-leader in coach development”

Paul Moss, Head of Coaching & Volunteering

The 8-day empowering programme delivered over a 12 month period has been designed and created so that each individual coach can tailor make their own development pathway to specialise and focus in their preferred area of choice as a triathlon coach.

The programme focuses on coach and athlete development, supporting individuals to achieve their goals and ambitions. The ethos for the course is that it is coach-centred, with a strong emphasis on challenging existing knowledge and developing further understanding through a culture of collaboration and shared experience. The coaches take full responsibility for their personal development, whilst receiving full support and guidance from a carefully selected team of world-leading coach developers and mentors.

The course opens up multiple opportunities for creative thinking and development of current coaching practice. This is created within both the contact time at face-to-face weekend sessions and via the off-course tasks, There is a large emphasis on coaches creating their own developmental journey, which will be revisited, adapted and amended as the coaches learning develops throughout the programme.

The level 3 HPCP will help support a coaches pathway whilst working in their chosen domain, examples of this include, but not limited to:

  • 1:1 coaching; Squad/ Group environments; Head Coaches; with an interest in any of the following domains: Age-Group, child, talent development, performance or paratriathlon;

The level 3 HPCP is open to level 2 qualified coaches that meet the set criteria and wish to take that next step to develop their learning, empower their athletes whilst challenging and creating a programmes that aims to motivate, inspire and educate.

For more details of this new ground-breaking programme, please check out our website and L3HPCP Brochure.

The Application Process will be open from Friday 9th June at 9am via the Learning Hub.  

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