Round up from Targu Mures


A round up of the Age-Group action and medals from the 2019 Targu Mures European Multisport Championships.

Over 800 athletes from Great Britain headed to Targu Mures, Romania, for the second edition of the European Multisport Championships from 29 June - 7 July. After the Parade of Nations held at the Medieval Castle on Friday 28 June, competition started on Saturday 29 with the Cross Triathlon Championships and culminated on Sunday 7 July with the Aquabike Championships and Closing Ceremony. Use the buttons below to navigate to find out more from the event.

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Results  Roll of Honour


Age-Group Cross Triathlon

The first event of the Championships saw a strong British contingent on the start line, with 14 of the 37 Brits making onto the podium at the end of the race. Of the British team, Kerri-Ann Upham (02:24:57) and Ashley De Lotz (02:04:08) were the fastest man and woman, with the three fastest British women recording the second, third and fourth fastest times behind France's Solenne Billouin (F20-24: 02:20:07).

Medal Medallist(s)
Gold Kerri-Ann Upham (F25-29), Emily Harper (F30-34), Ashley De Lotz (M30-34), Hayley Down (F35-39), Joanne Pitten (F40-44), Renell Brennan (F45-49)
Silver Rob Parry (M35-39), Natalie Smith (F40-44), Simon Taylor (M55-59)
Bronze Brad Pontin (M35-39), Louise Madge (F40-44), Robert Moore (M55-59), Dean Hardie (M60-64), Colin Hunt (M65-69)


Age-Group Sprint Duathlon

Britain's Bruce Raeside recorded the fastest Age-Group time, crossing the line in a time of 00:56:21. The podium was dominated by the British team, with a plethora of medals of all colours and across the categories being handed out to British athletes. Maurice Young, in the M85-89 category, was the oldest competitor in the event.

Medal Medallist(s)
Gold Kim Baptista (FU20), Reece Ashfield (MU20), Nicole Allan (F20-24), David Pearson (M20-24), Ella Neale (F25-29), Hugh Harris (M25-29), Samantha Maher (F30-34), James Oldfield (M30-34), Bruce Raeside (M35-39), Lorraine Mitchell (F40-44), Claire Hall (F45-49), Nick Shasha (M45-49), Cathy Dawson (F50-54), Heather Lambert (F60-64), Phil Hurr (M60-64), Helene Hill (F65-69), Mick Anglim (M70-74), Maurice Young (M85-89)
Silver Lilly O'Dell (FU20), Kai Boggon (MU20), Megan Powell (F20-24), Felix Werham (M20-24), Charlotte Halkyard (F25-29), Jack Friend (M25-29), Natalie Duncombe (F30-34), Karina Kaufmann (F35-39), Dan Tate (M35-39), Clare Smith (F40-44), Mark Taylor (M40-44), Angela Joiner-Handy (F50-54), Rachel Edwards (F55-59), Karen Cole (F60-64), Simon Jones (M60-64), Sue Barnes (F65-69), Ian Selmes (M65-69), Pam Oliver (F70-74), Andrzej Warhaftig (M70-74), David Gilbert (M75-79)
Bronze Amy Woodroofe (FU20), Ned Potter (MU20), Rachael Vatter (F20-24), Joshua Southern (M20-24), Sarah Short (F25-29), Leigh Schvartz (M25-29), Katie Ferguson (F30-34), Thomas Greeves (M30-34), Emma Robinson (F35-39), Sarah Burns (F40-44), Bret Wilks (M40-44), Claire Lowe (F45-49), Simon Smith (M45-49), Sharron Manders (F50-54), Ian Reid (M50-54), Amanda Young (F55-59), Paul Spowage (M55-59), Sue Clarke (F60-64), Steven Rue (M65-69), John Nugent (M75-79)


Age-Group Cross Duathlon

The racing went back off-road on Tuesday 2 July for the Cross Duathlon. Winner of the male U20 category, Joe Brooks, was the youngest of Britain's medalists in the race. Showing the dominance at the youngest age group, Kim Baptsita won the female U20 category to deck out the top step of the  U20 podium in red, white and blue.

Medal Medallist(s)
Gold Kim Baptista (FU20), Joe Brooks (MU20), Samantha Toop (F35-39), Nick Percival (M55-59)
Silver Nicole Beck (F25-29), Anna Wilding (F30-34), Kelly-Marie Briggs (F35-39), Rob Parry (M35-39), Clare Smith (F40-44), Renske Bouwens (F45-49), Gwynedd Jones (M45-49), John Risby (M60-64)
Bronze Nicola Dinsdale (F30-34), Garth Spencer (M30-34), Emilie Wix (F35-39), Lee Imrie (M35-39), Karen Heppenstall (F40-44), Stuart Nash (M40-44), Dan Foster (M50-54), Paul Spowage (M55-59), Colin Hunt (M65-69)


Age-Group Standard Duathlon

Britain's Alex Doherty posted the fastest time (01:52:49) in the Age-Group races as he took gold in the male 35-39 category. Alongside Doherty, Rachel Wiseman (F35-39) was the fastest female around the course in 01:59:23. Their golds were part of a haul of 14 gold medals out of a potential 24 to be making their way back to Britain.

Medal Medallist(s)
Gold Paige Mcleod (FU20), Beth Rendall (F20-24), Jonathan Read (M30-34), Rachel Wiseman (F35-39), Alex Doherty (M35-39), Clementina Davies (F40-44), David Fletcher (M40-44), Karen Murphy (F50-54), Warren Mason (M50-54), Frances Hooper (F60-64), David Dyer (M60-64), Elspeth Knott (F65-69), Ashley Robinson (M70-74), Vernon Thomas (M75-79)
Silver Emily Burton (F20-24), Dan Elliot (M20-24), Jonathan Peters (M30-34), Lindsay Russell-Smith (F35-39), Rachel Cliff (F40-44), Andrew Cooke (M40-44), Steph Spencer (F45-49), Phil Hall (M45-49), Jayne Baldwin (F50-54), Tracey Greenway (F55-59), Jane Oughton (F60-64), Ian Hunt (M60-64), Yvonne Twelvetree (F65-69), Rob Pearson (M65-69) Mick Anglim (M70-74)
Bronze Riley Richardson (M20-24), Alex Thomson (M25-29), Eleanor Jukes (F35-39), Andrew Bedford (M35-39), Jane Simons (F40-44), Mathew Allen (M40-44), Becky Mccorquodale (F45-49), David Kemp (M60-64), Keith Walker (M70-74)


Age-Group Aquathlon

The blue trisuit of Great Britain dominated the startline and the podium for the Age-Group Aquathlon, as 47 medals were won by the British team. Among those was Thomas Kerfoot, who was representing the team alongside his brother (Steve) and parents (Neil and Michelle) as the whole family took part in a Championships for the first time.

Medal Medallist(s)
Gold Lara Greggs (FU20), Ben Rawlins (MU20), Phoebe Lloyd Evans (F20-24), Michael Lewis (M20-24), Hannah Dodwell (F25-29), Jessica Thorpe (F30-34), Henrietta Tarasewicz (F35-39), Yiannis Christodoulou (M35-39), Tina Wilson (F40-44), Liam Goldie (M40-44), Sarah Richardson (F45-49), Jacqui Phillips (F50-54), Sharon Hill (F55-59), Julie Robertson (F60-64), Sandra Main (F65-69), Neil Arundel (M65-69), Ted Hamilton (M70-74), Peggy Crome (F75-79)
Silver Eleanor Mason (FU20), James Calliss (MU20), Rachael Vatter (F20-24), Dan Elliot (M20-24), Alex Hemsley (F30-34), David Boyd (M35-39), Samantha Lake (F40-44), Nigel Gaskin (M40-44), Rob Jamison (M45-49), Kate Ross (F55-59), Beverley Childs (F60-64), Stirling Farmer (M60-64), Graham Le Good (M65-69), Micheal Smallwood (M70-74)
Bronze Hannah Campbell (FU20), Rhys Davies (MU20), Thomas Kerfoot (M20-24), Rebecca Wetten (F25-29), Nicola Pollard (F30-34), Nick Flower (M30-34), Emma Price-Stephens (F35-39), Jamie Hockley (M35-39), Louise Croxson (F40-44), Steven Paine (M40-44), Tracey Hare (F45-49), Ian Scott (M45-49), Eric Wardle (M55-59), James Howard Jeffrey (M65-69), David Girling (M70-74)


Age-Group Aquabike

Onto the final day and the 1.9km swim and 82km bike for the Aquabike race. Callum Lelliott recorded the second fastest time behind Erick Rogoz Lorincz of the host nation, finishing in 02:40:33. Michael Smallwood and Catherine Williams (both 70-74) were the oldest competitors in the field. Michael, who came second in the Aquathlon, also took gold at the ITU Aquabike Championships in Pontevedra earlier in the year. 

Medal Medallist(s)
Gold Callum Lelliot (M20-24), Thomas James (M25-29), Jennie Stemp (F30-34), Lydia Adelin (F35-39), David Reeves (M35-39), Amy Pritchard (F40-44), Mellissa Dowell (F50-54) Richard Mostyn Jones (M50-54), Andrea Nightingale (F55-59), Paul Donnelly (M55-59), Julia Hodkinson (F60-64), Catherine Williams (F70-74), Micheal Smallwood (M70-74)
Silver India Woodruff (F20-24), Ben Kent (M20-24), Catherine Eames (F35-39), Hilary Powell (F40-44), Ben Redman (M40-44), Elizabeth Burgess (F45-49) Trevor Back (M50-54), Kerstin Mogull (F55-59), Mark Wilsher (M55-59), Theresa Frost (F60-64), Keith Everley (M60-64), Derek Bardsley (M65-69)
Bronze Jessica Josselin (F35-39), Kate Sandford (F40-44), Anna Cullen (F45-49), Andrew Smith (M50-54), Adrian Feasby (M55-59), Joanna Lewis (F60-64), Richard Cooper (M60-64)


Age-Group Middle Distance Triathlon

The final race of the week was the longest, with athletes competing over a 1.9km swim, 82km bike and 20km run. The British team locked out the podium across multiple age groups including the female 40-44 category, where, Beth Willmot took gold ahead of Emma Bexson and Lara Newell.

Medal Medallist(s)
Gold Keely Mcniffe (F20-24), Rebecca Goodwin (F30-34), Victoria Randall (F35-39), Giles Heaman (M40-44), Beth Wilmot (F40-44), Robert Harrison (M45-49), Maria Powell (F50-54), Alison Crellin (F55-59), Mike Helland (M60-64), Anthony Fidow (M65-69), Lesley Kernaghan (F65-69), Peter Simpson (M70-74)
Silver Zachary Cooper (M20-24), Natalie Green (F20-24), Katie Ball (F25-29), Rebecca Elliot (F30-34), Saffron Pineger (F35-39), Nigel Gaskin (M40-44), Emma Bexson (F40-44), Stephen Sharpe (M45-49), Corinne Moss (F45-49), Pete Eggleston (M50-54), Ceri Cook (F50-54), Stuart Veen (M55-59), Anthony Bonham (M60-64), Jenny Lawrie (F65-69), Alexander Heron (M70-74)
Bronze Cameron Craik (M20-24), Alice Davies (F20-24), Brittany Tate (F25-29), Matt Flinders (M30-34), Claire Forbes (F30-34), Toni Senior (F35-39), Marvin Reynolds (M40-44), Lara Newell (F40-44), Dave Smith (M50-54), Kim Moss (F50-54), Steve Hunt (M55-59), Kath Finn (F55-59), Roland Shaw (M60-64), Steve Bulman (M65-69)


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