Cheering your Child to Success


Parents in Sport Week is a cross-sport campaign from 7-13 October promoting positive parent and carer involvement in sport, to help improve the experiences of young people.

Parents and carers play a vital role in supporting and encouraging their children while they enjoy  taking part in triathlon, and to help them continue to be the important support network for young athletes, British Triathlon has created its ‘10 tips to being a top supporter’.

  1. Be supportive and praise your child in training and competition
  2. Make sure your words and actions give a good example
  3. Do not interfere or instruct from the side-lines during training or competition
  4. Support the coaches in their decisions
  5. Respect the Technical Officials and their decisions
  6. Support your child to have fun whilst taking part
  7. Promote your child’s decision-making during training and competition
  8. Be proud of your child’s efforts
  9. Don’t put pressure on your child to win
  10. Be patient and understanding with your child

British Triathlon is committed to ensuring that everyone who participates in triathlon can take part in a safe and enjoyable environment. The enjoyment of young people in triathlon is vital to them developing and continuing to take part in the sport.

Andy Salmon, CEO British Triathlon, said: “Parents and carers play an influential and vital role in their child’s enjoyment and involvement in triathlon. As key supporters of young triathletes, their encouragement is so important to children staying in triathlon and sport as a whole.

“These 10 tips are designed to promote positive involvement from parents and carers in their child’s triathlon experience and are the example we want all triathletes to follow. This guidance is aimed at making the triathlon environment one where people of all ages can grow and thrive.”

For more information on how you can support your child in a positive and encouraging way, visit the British Triathlon website.


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