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Hear what the athletes had to say following the triathlon action on the Gold Coast. This page will be continually updated.

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Mixed Relay Race Reaction

Jonathan Brownlee (ENG) - 2nd

"In the individual race I thought I was going to be better than I was, but I've missed a lot of training. When you've not got a background of training you can get away with the shorter stuff and I thought that was very good today. We were always going to really struggle to beat the Australians. We couldn't have done much better than that, so we're happy."

Alistair Brownlee (ENG) - 2nd

The chances are that this is probably the last Commonwealth Games for me. I'm not sure about the Olympics yet, end of this year and I'll decide.

It's (Mixed Relay) another shot at a medal, a really really good shot at a medal, and we're going to absolutely be in the hunt for the gold medal in two years time.  

Jessica Learmonth (ENG) - 2nd

We finished off on a high. I think we did the best we could. I never thought I'd be coming away with two silver medals, to race with these guys.

Vicky Holland (ENG) - 2nd

"We always knew the Aussies were going to be the ones to beat, they're a really tough team. We all gave absolutely everything. I really enjoy racing the relay. I've been privileged to be part of British teams and of English teams and we've had a lot of success. I enjoy it, it's a fun event, I think it's the best one for spectators to watch, it's really important that we do more of these because it's going into the Olympics. There are more and more opportunities to do this, including in the UK, and I think that's important, we'll only get better."

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Women's Paratriathlon Reactions

Jade Jones (ENG) - 1st

"I was always chasing which is tough mentally, but to push through was great. I swam really well and I have been working on my swimming for the past six months. Anybody who knows me knows how much this means to me.

I have only been doing paratriathlon for 18 months, and although I have made a lot of improvements, I still have a long way to go.

I caught Lauren Parker on the second run lap, but anything can happen so I didn't celebrate until I crossed the finish line."

I’m now going to go home to recover and prepare for the marathon."

Lizzie Tench (ENG) - 5th

"It was very very tough out there because of the heat. I've put my all into getting to this moment - 100%. I've put everything on hold and focussed completely on training - this is the biggest event I've ever competed in and I feel very proud to be here and finish the race.

I didn't medal which I'm slightly dissapointed about, but I'm still so proud of this moment."

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Men's Paratriathlon Reactions

Joe Townsend (ENG) - 1st 

"For me, it was my perfect race. What I planned to do in my head happened on race day - I kept the gap smaller than I ever have done on the swim. I started catching the guys early on the bike - I could see Bill (Chaffey) on the third lap of the bike and then I knew the race was mine. 

For me, the swim is my weakest discipline and I know I'm one of the strongest hand cyclists and pushers in the field, so coming out of T2 in the lead, I knew the race was mine. I just had to keep my cool.

This is absolutely the highlight of my career."

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Women's Triathon Race Reaction

Jessica Learmonth (ENG) - 2nd

"I'm delighted. I've got to admit, I'm glad it's over now after that last lap on the run. I tried to enjoy it as much as I could but with Jo (Brown) right behind me, it wasn't that enjoyable! But I can try and re-live it now and enjoy it. 

We don't set out any set plan, we just go for it. I had a good position on the pontoon and Flora (Duffy) gets on my feet. Then on the bike she does some more of the work, so we help each other out and it works quite well - then she leaves me on the run!

It was great to be the first Team England medal of the games - what an honour."

Vicky Holland (ENG) - 4th

"I had a long time to build into this race following being injured at the back end of last year. I've done everything I can to prepare for this day.

To be honest, a few things just didn't go my way today. I struggled in the swim and just didn't have my best day overall. Those real fine percentages just add up - if you;re not really, really sharp, then it just doesn't quite work.

I stuggled to find clear water in the swim. I felt like I was fighting the whole way. It's a long way back from there once you lose the girls at the front. It became clear on the bike that it was going to be a fight for bronze. If I'm honest, I expected the biggest challenge to be Ashleigh (Gentle), but it came down to myself and Jo. I thought maybe I could take her, but she hung tough and I didn't have the legs to respond. 

Fourth is a hard place to finish, but I'm proud of myself and I gave it my all.

Sophie Coldwell (ENG) - 6th

"I've finished sixth in my first Commonwealth's so I can't be too dissapointed. This experience will help massively in my career progression. From being out in Australia for a month before the Games and training somewhere different, to dropping in to the Athletes Village and having that experience - I've never done that before. I think it's all going to be a massive learning curve.

Vicky is very experienced - she's medalled at major championships and obviously Jess made her breakthrough last year. It's been great learning from the pair of them."

Non Stanford (WAL) - 8th

"I'm a bit disappointed, but the swimming was really tough and the pack was really fast. My legs just weren't there."

Beth Potter (SCO) - 12th

“I have mixed emotions to be honest. I had a great swim and then just lost the pack going into the cycle. I made some passes during the run and I closed a big gap, so I was glad to have found my legs again.

There’s a lot I can build on – especially on the bike but overall I’m happy. I’ll just be chilling out now until the mixed relay on Saturday and then for running on the track on Monday.”

Jennifer Newberry (IOM) - 19th 

"I'm absolutely delighted to be here and compete today. I loved every second of the experience and hope I've made the Isle of Man proud."

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Men's Triathlon Race Reaction 

Marc Austin (SCO) - 3rd

"My race today was pretty great, I knew that I really needed to work hard but also save my energy. Everything went according to plan and I knew that I couldn't have given anything else. I finished in a heap."

My training leading up to the Games has been perfect and I knew that if ever I was going to deliver my best performance, it was going to be today.

It's pretty amazing to come away with third after training for so long. I've been  disappointed lately of my performances as I just haven't been delivering the standard I know I'm capable of.

Jonathan Brownlee (ENG) - 7th

"I just didn't feel great. I've had ups and downs coming into this race and I was injured at the start of January so I've missed a lot of training, but I thought I was going to be better than that today. Fair play to Marc (Austin) for getting on that podium.

I dived in and felt pretty weak on the swim. I started riding and tried really hard to catch Alistair up. I'm normally one of the strongest ones on the bike, but not today.

I started running and thought oh dear, I'm in trouble here. I gave it everything to stay amongst the medals, but it wasn't to be. I knew Henri (Schoeman) was in good shape and I just thought, I wish I was fit so I could go with him."

Alistair Brownlee (ENG) - 10th 

"I absolutely gave it my all - I was even having a sprint finish at the end there  for 10th place! 

My calf feels absolutely fine, I wouldn't have been sprinting at the end if it didn't. Obviously I had the relay in the back of my mind as well - I definitely didn't want to cause any damage with a whole season in front of me. 

It was one of the only times I've come out of the swim first in my whole career, so I'd take that as a positive out of it. I biked as hard as I could to get that gap up and to get the advantage for Jonny and then was out onto the run."

Grant Sheldon (SCO) - 17th

Tom Bishop (ENG) - 19th

"I just missed the break out of the water and then I just ended up racing defensively. Jonny and Al were implementing their tactics and trying to get away and then halfway round I had a little fall and that went to my head. I wanted to just complete the race - I didn't want to have a DNF to my name. 

I wanted to go for a medal. Marc and I have been training together and pushing each other on. I'm delighted for him and that's the kind of shape I'm in, I guess I just didn't get it right today."

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