Copthill School takes on the Tri January challenge to get active


Pupils from Copthill School, Stamford have taken on the triathlon challenge to get active this January, even getting their parents involved along the way.

In their first assembly back after Christmas, Headteacher Helen Schofield challenged each class to complete the Tri January bingo card in a battle of the classes: “One of our teachers is a triathlete so we got her to explain all about triathlon, her training and experiences, before we challenged the school to complete the bingo card.”

One challenge on the bingo card was to learn how to pump up their bike tyres

Through Tri January, British Triathlon and GO TRI challenged the nation to get active by completing a bingo card of health and fitness goals. There were separate bingo cards for adults and children and the campaign engaged with schools such as Copthill to get them involved.

“Five children from each class had to complete a challenge on the bingo card before they could tick it off, with a prize for the first class to complete it,” Mrs Schofield explained.

“We’re very much an outdoors-based school and are keen to see all pupils engaged in exercise and physical activity both in and out of school time and Tri January has been great for this.”

Tri January has allowed me and my family to get outdoors more than ever in January,  Tallulah (9)

It’s not just the pupils that have got involved however, with parents joining in and engaging in the campaign alongside their children.

“One of the parents emailed me to say that the whole family got involved after their two boys came home after the assembly really excited about Tri January,” commented Mrs Schofield.

“We’ve had a number of families who have taken on the challenges on the bingo card together. Whether it’s eating their five-a-day or cycling, scooting or walking to school, the enthusiasm and uptake beyond the pupils has been amazing,” she continued.

Pupils were also challenged to walk, bike or scoot to school as part of Tri January

“Some parents have approached me to ask if we can run a duathlon (run, bike, run) at the school as their children have been into cycling for a while and want to take on multisport at school.”

The first class at Copthill to complete the challenge was Year 4, with a group from the class excitedly and proudly presenting their bingo card to Mrs Schofield. Their prize? To look after and play with the principal’s three dogs for a day.

Jenny Vincent, Head of Participation at British Triathlon, said: “We’re so pleased that Copthill have participated in the Tri January campaign and are completing the bingo challenge together in their year groups.

“Working closely with schools to provide great experiences in swim, bike and run for children is a key part of our strategy for 2020, so it is fantastic to hear of stories like this where whole schools and school communities are getting involved .”

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