First graduates of World Leading Programme


The next generation of distinguished coaches underwent assessment and graduation this weekend in Loughborough. The world-leading High Performing Coach Programme is an exciting new addition to the coaching pathway.

Last weekend (6/7 October) marked the end of a personal development journey for 24 coaches, after 12 thought-provoking and challenging months. Coming together for a final time as part of the High Performing Coach Programme, they undertook an intense weekend of assessments and transition events. These coaches are the first graduates of this newly developed programme which is at the forefront of triathlon coach development.

For five coaches, through hard work and demonstration of excellence in their understanding and development as a high performing triathlon coach saw them graduate from the programme with distinction.

Chris Hine, HPCP graduate and coach, shared his experience: “(The course was) challenging initially, as a coach you have got to be prepared to go out of your comfort zone! You have to put your trust in the tutors at the start and let them ask you the questions that are going to make you think. They create an environment that makes you much more self-aware and has allowed me to realize your where I need to develop in order to get the level I want to get to.”

Chris Roberts, British Triathlon HPCP developer and coach educator, said: “This 12-month journey has been inspiring for everybody (tutors and coaches). The level of energy that’s been through the four incredibly intense weekends is fantastic. The coaches are really going away with new thinking and new ideas, and that is extremely exciting for our sport.”

There are two further courses currently being delivered with a further 28 coaches striving to graduate and join the HPCP alumni in March next year.

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