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There are plenty of opportunities to make your involvement in swim, bike, run more than just racing and training, including getting hands-on to support coaches and other participants in their journey.

Above: CEO Andy Salmon makes British Triathlon's #GreatCoachingPledge

Coaching Week 2020 is taking place between 14-20 September and the theme of the week is to ‘Support Your Coach’, including the #GreatCoachingPledge of how individuals involved in the sport, organisations and the public will celebrate great coaching.

British Triathlon have pledged to support coaches in their continued development as part of the #GreatCoachingPledge campaign, providing a variety of opportunities for coaches to engage with one another and learn through workshops and more.

One of the ways in which you can support your coach is to qualify to support them in their sessions, either as a fellow coach or activator.

Community Activator

Activators are passionate about the sport and help lead activities within a session planned and delivered by a qualified coach. These committed individuals provide a key support to coaches by offering direct assistance to them throughout their sessions, whilst also helping to promote a positive and safe environment for participants.

Whilst this isn’t a coaching qualification, it does provide practical skills to help lead activities and support coaches in delivering sessions.

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Young Person Activator

This course is tailored to help 14-17 year-olds gain the skills and confidence to support coaches in the delivery of sessions. It will enable young people to support others in school and club settings to make the most of swim, bike, run by assisting qualified coaches and PE teachers.

As with the Community Activator, this is not a coaching qualification. however, gives young people the ability to support those leading the session in a variety of ways.

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Level 1 Coaching Course

This is the first step on the coaching pathway and allows the coach to lead and deliver sessions under the guidance of a more highly qualified coach. It has been designed to help the aspiring coach develop the fundamentals of coaching and equip them with the skills to start coaching.

Level 1 coaches provide other, more highly qualified coaches with support during sessions and provide clubs with additional coaching capacity under the guidance of the lead coach. Qualifying as a Level 1 coach is a great way to develop the way you take part and provide practical support.

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