Golden couple to share special moment representing Great Britain again


Not many married couples can say they have shared the experience of becoming world champion, but for Lindsy and Owen James it was a moment that became a reality when they both won gold at the World Triathlon Standard Distance Duathlon Championships earlier this year.

Now the couple from Tickhill in South Yorkshire are getting ready to represent the Great Britain Age-Group Team together again, this time at the Europe Triathlon Multisport Championships which are being held in Bilbao, Spain from 17-24 September.

“It is a really special thing for us to do,” Owen said. “To be able to experience the same thing and share that experience with each other was incredibly special. Becoming world champion and at the same event as Lindsy is something I would have never dreamed of and we’re both really looking forward to representing GB again especially in the new trisuit.”

Just like their relationship together and their love for their six-year-old son Archie, sport has always been a constant in both of their lives.

Only nine months after giving birth, Lindsy was taking on a sporting challenge, setting the then Guiness World Record for the fastest half-marathon pushing a pram with Archie inside, stopping the clock in 01:27:34.

Running has been the main way Lindsy has remained active, but it was during the lockdowns when she decided to add the bike to her running and take on a new challenge of duathlon in 2020.

“Whether it’s been through work or personal life, sport has always been a massive part of my life,” Lindsy said. “I run a children’s and young people charity called Active Fusion which is all about helping young people be the best that they can be through sport.

“You can’t say ‘be the best you can be’ and not do it yourself, so I often find that I set myself challenges and stretch myself out of my comfort zone and that’s what duathlon was about for me.

“I’ve been a runner for most of my life, I’ve done quite a lot of marathons and got really focused on that, but I probably lost a little bit of love and motivation for marathon running, so it was then ‘what is the next challenge?’ and ‘what would be difficult for me?’. I could ride a bike but I certainly wasn’t a very competent bike rider so I thought that’s something that I could do to stretch myself.

“I said the ultimate goal back then was it would be great if I was able to podium, I didn’t know if that was realistic or not, but I just thought we’ll dream big because that’s what it is all about.”

Owen’s love for duathlon goes back further. His first event at Clumber Park in 2015 came just a few weeks after he had completed the Tokyo Marathon, and duathlon soon had him hooked.

“I needed a new challenge and just seeing how fast they were going on the bike gave me the impetus and greater motivation to keep going,” Owen added. “It’s taken some years and some dedication along with help from our coach, but when I can improve at something by putting some time in and learning the skills, that’s what motivates me and gets me up early in the morning.”

Finding the time to train can have its challenges, but Lindsy and Owen, who compete in the 40-44 age group, have always been able to find a way even if it does mean tag teaming at the door.

“We are juggling all the time so we’re very regimented,” Lindsy said. “Owen will go out or I will go out at a certain time, tag team at the door and the next one goes out. I get back, go to work, Owen drops Archie off then goes to work. We’re very specific on the time we’ve got to train, but that keeps us focused.”

Owen first represented the GB Age-Group Team in 2017 with Lindsy joining him for the first time at last year’s World Triathlon Duathlon Championships in Aviles where Lindsy won her maiden world gold before successfully defending the title this year in Targu Mures.

“Aviles was probably the most magical moment if I compare the two because it was so unexpected,” Lindsy said. “I felt a bit more pressure going into [Targu Mures] Romania because the target is on your back a bit more and with duathlon, there is so much out of your control that anything can happen in the race, but to win gold and then to find out Owen had won too was another really special moment.”

Owen started his sports career as a footballer at Sheffield United before competing at British and European Championships in indoor rowing, and has also completed the world’s six major marathons.

After focusing on duathlon, becoming world champion in Targu Mures was an emotional moment for the 44-year-old.

“It was just unbelievable,” Owen reflected. “I got into the lead on the bike, and I couldn’t see anyone in front of me and I was thinking ‘where is everyone? Is this right? I can’t believe it’. On the run I could see Bruce [Raeside, silver medallist] behind and it was two laps on the second run, so after one lap I could see where he was and I was like it’s on here, it’s on.

“An athlete did pass me during the last part of the run, but he was actually on the first lap of two and when I realised that that’s when I thought ‘I’ve done it’. I crossed the line, and I was absolutely screaming, I was shouting because it meant so much.

“I then got called for a drugs test so I couldn’t see Lindsy finish which was a bit annoying but eventually I came back out and I found out that she had won. That moment is even getting to me now. I was in tears, it was unbelievable and it’s something we’ll be talking about for years.”

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