Great Britain’s Age-Groupers bring home the medals from Kalkar


This past weekend’s ETU Duathlon European Championships in Kalkar, Germany, saw a large Great Britain Age-Group Team match its 2015 figures of 23 Gold medals across the Sprint and Standard distance events.

The overall medal haul reached an impressive total of 62, with 18 gained in the Standard and 44 in the Sprint events.

The Men’s Elite race once again saw Philip Wylie leading the way from a British perspective. Bronze medal winner for the past two years at this championship, Philip headed a strong leading group at the end of the opening 10km run, but it was Jorik Van Egdom (NED) who set the pace over the 40km bike leg. World and European Junior Champion in 2013, the Dutch athlete held strong on the final run to earn both the Under-23 and Senior titles ahead of the French pairing of Benoit Nicolas and Yohan Le Berre. In his first start at Elite level, Carl Avery finished 17th, whilst Philip Wylie finished in 8th position. 
The Elite Women’s event saw a new Senior champion in Giorgia Priorone (ITA), where Great Britain’s Gillian Palmer finished 11th.
In the Elite Junior races, Hannah Hobbs (sixth) and Serena O’Connor (seventh) were the British pairing in a race won by home athlete Lisa Tertsch. It was a German double in the Junior Men’s race won by Moritz Horn, where Will Crudgington (eighth) and Lewis Byram (11th) were our British entrants.
In the Paraduathlon event, the small team of four starters returned three Silver medals, through Mark Conway (M-PT1), Richard McLeod (M-PT3) and Steven Crowley (M-PT4). Adrian Howden (M-PT4) completed the team in sixth.
Attention now turns to the off-road format with the ETU European Cross Duathlon Championships taking place in Romania next weekend.
2016 ETU Standard Distance Duathlon European Championships: Great Britain Age-Group Team Standard Distance Medals (18)
Gold Medals – Standard Distance (7)
Tasmin Boam -18-19 Female
Benjamin Hindley - 18-19 Male
Jordan Skelly - 20-24 Male
David Thomas - 35-39 Male
Kate Morris - 50-54 Female
Jan Forrester - 60-64 Female
Elspeth Knott - 65-69 Female
Silver Medals – Standard Distance (5)
Jo Wilkie - 35-39 Female
Nicholas Latimer - 35-39 Male
Joanne Clark - 40-44 Female
Louella O'Herlihy - 45-49 Female
Paul Miller - 45-49 Male
Bronze Medals – Standard Distance (6)
Zachary Pywell - 20-24 Male
Hannah Priest - 30-34 Female
Nicolas Pillinger - 35-39 Male
Philip Kruse - 40-44 Male
Ronald Mcwilliam - 45-49 Male
Eleanor Robinson - 65-69 Female
2016 ETU Sprint Distance Duathlon European Championships: Great Britain Age-Group Team Medals (44)
Gold Medals – Sprint Distance (16)
Diana Chalmers – 16-19 Female AG Sprint
Sebastian Gary – 16-19 Male AG Sprint
Lauren Evans – 20-24 Female AG Sprint
David Cole – 25-29 Male AG Sprint
Adam Labbett – 30-34 Male AG Sprint
Sally Turner – 35-39 Female AG Sprint
Fiona Kesteven – 40-44 Female AG Sprint
Cathy Dawson – 45-49 Female AG Sprint
Richard Hancock – 45-49 Male AG Sprint
Joanne Bolton – 50-54 Female AG Sprint
Wayne Aylesbury – 50-54 Male AG Sprint
Carole Page – 55-59 Female AG Sprint
Sue Clarke – 60-64 Female AG Sprint
Margaret Jagan – 65-69 Female Sprint
Mick Anglim – 65-69 Male Sprint
Michael Smallwood – 70-74 Male Sprint
Silver Medals – Sprint Distance (13)
Amy Chalmers – 16-19 Female AG Sprint
Harrison Smith – 16-19 Male AG Sprint
Kayleigh Adams – 20-24 Female AG Sprint
Nicola Noble – 25-29 Female AG Sprint
Claire Steels – 30-34 Female AG Sprint
Sara Eames – 35-39 Female AG Sprint
Jonathan Hoggett – 35-39 Male AG Sprint
Karolyn Brown – 40-44 Female AG Sprint
Harry Walker – 45-49 Male AG Sprint
Janice Mcwilliam – 55-59 Female Sprint
Andrea Sanders Reece – 60-64 Female Sprint
David Butt – 60-64 Male Sprint
Jeanette Susan Graves – 65-69 Female Sprint
Maurice Young – 80+ Male AG Sprint
Bronze Medals – Sprint Distance (15)
Jemima Walker – 16-19 Female AG Sprint
Ben Cockburn – 20-24 Male AG Sprint
Lydia Newton – 25-29 Female AG Sprint
Cameron Keast – 25-29 Male AG Sprint
David Sharman – 30-34 Male AG Sprint
Caz Kay – 35-39 Female AG Sprint
Matthew Turnbull – 35-39 Male AG Sprint
Kirsty Prior – 40-44 Female AG Sprint
David Mole – 40-44 Male AG Sprint
Rachel Lightfoot – 45-49 Female AG Sprint
Michael Buchallet – 45-49 Male AG Sprint
Sarah Gill – 50-54 Female AG Sprint
David Bagge – 50-54 Male AG Sprint
Wendy Read – 60-64 Female AG Sprint
Photo courtesy of Twitter/ @SkellyJordan

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