Leila and Courtney Tri it Together


Friends from Chelmsford, Leila and Courtney, have taken on the challenge of getting into triathlon together and want to see more woman get involved with the sport and physical activity.

“Part of our passion is to see more woman of all shapes and sizes taking part in triathlon, and Tri January has been great for this because it’s open to anyone of any ability” says Leila. “When we started our journey we had wobbles and doubts, but we got through them together and the feeling of achieving our triathlon dream was amazing.”

Having decided she wanted to take on her first triathlon, Leila decided she’d get a friend to come along with her.

Above: Courtney's Tri January bingo card

“It was something I’d wanted to do for a while and what better way to take it on than training and racing with a friend,” comments Leila.

“I knew Courtney was a keen cyclist so asked her if she fancied upgrading to the swim, bike, run challenge. She said yes and our triathlon journey began.”

The two girls embarked on their training in January 2019 and set their sights on their first triathlon in May.

Having been convinced to get involved, Courtney found GO TRI and took part in Tri January 2019 to help give her structure to her training, especially the swim and run elements.

“When I found out about GO TRI, it sounded like the perfect way for us to get into triathlon,” mentions Courtney.

“Having small targets to hit was great in getting me started. For me the cycling was fine but getting into the swimming and running was more of a challenge. To know you’re taking part alongside other beginners and that triathletes come from all backgrounds and don’t all look like you imagine.”

Leila and Courtney train together at weekends when they can, but midweek keep in touch to help keep each other going.

“We started training together and loved the challenge of the three different elements, especially as both of us was stronger in a different discipline,” said Leila.

“Having someone to keep you accountable to your training really helps, even if you don’t see or train with them all the time, it’s great to have someone to motivate you to carry on.”

Having made their triathlon debut in 2019, Leila and Courtney have set their new triathlon goals for 2020.

“Having the Tri January bingo card to tick off has given me mini challenges to kickstart my 2020 training as we look to complete a standard distance triathlon this year,” says Courtney.

“I’ve taken on Tri January in both 2019 and 2020 and having goals to tick off has really helped keep me motivated and engaged.” You can follow their progress on their Instagram @twogirlstri.

Looking back, Leila can see how the decision to ask Courtney to join her was definitely the right one: “Being able to share the excitement as the race gets closer and then seeing each other cross the finish line is truly unique. It's also really nice having someone just as crazy as you attempting three different sports!”

For Leila and Courtney, taking part together has helped them to enjoy it more and kept them motivated to keep on going. Find a friend or family member and sign up to Tri January today!


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