My Volunteer Experience: Gemma Thompson


Volunteers’ Week from 1-7 June gives us a chance to say thank you and recognise volunteers on the front line and behind the scenes.

On day seven of Volunteers week Gemma shares her experience of volunteering as a Triathlon Trust Event Volunteer.

Gemma Thompson - Triathlon Trust Event Volunteer

"My motivation to volunteer for the Triathlon Trust is my love for triathlon so it was my way of giving something back to the sport.

The best part of being a volunteer for the Triathlon Trust is seeing the excitement on the children’s faces when they are completing the activities. You also get a chance to meet some pretty amazing people.

The tasks I undertake varies, anything from helping children with their helmets and getting on the bikes to encouraging them on the run course or handing out medals.

The advice I would give to people thinking of volunteering with the Triathlon Trust is to come and give it a try. It is very rewarding and gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people. It also looks good on your CV.

As well as volunteering for the Triathlon Trust I am training to be a Local Technical Official and I am also on the Yorkshire regional committee managing the social media channels."

Thank you Gemma for all you do for our sport!

As everybody within sport knows, the help given by volunteers is invaluable. Take a look at our Volunteers and Technical Officials pages where you can find out more about how to get involved in volunteering and the responsibilities of your role, keep up to date with any important issues concerning volunteers and hear about any new initiatives of which you should be aware.

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