Paige McLeod #TriLikeMe Volunteer Story


A self professed serial volunteer and Age Group silver medalist, Paige volunteers at a number of events to give back to the sport that has given her so much!

My grandma plays a massive role in organising events and volunteering in triathlon, so I’ve grown up in and amongst it and have been taking part since I was in primary school. I love being involved in triathlon and seeing people progress and enjoy the sport as much as I do! I’m a serial volunteer – I coach, I’m my club’s junior coordinator and organiser of junior and senior events.

I’ve competed up to Age Group level and won silver in the ITU Standard Duathlon in 2018. The key reason for me volunteering is to return the favour that so many have afforded to me over the years when I race. I’ve volunteered at loads of events, but for me my highlight was at our junior event because there were so many children competing from different backgrounds and all enjoying the sport. It was fantastic to see so many children getting involved in a sport that has given me so much joy over the years, knowing that they will have great opportunities to compete and train as they grow and develop.

If you want to #TriLikeMe and see people progress in such a great sport, then find your local event and volunteer. You never know which future star you may be supporting!

Use our volunteer opportunity search to #TriLikePaige and volunteer at an event near you.

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