Review of British Triathlon’s celebration of LGBT+ History Month


LGBT+ History Month is marked every February to remember the month that the UK Government abolished section 28 which was a British law that prohibited the ‘promotion of homosexuality’ by local authorities.

British Triathlon shared content designed to educate and engage throughout the month of February.

Week One:

The first week of February was dedicated to explaining why LGBT+ History Month happens in February and educational resources to ensure everyone has a good experience in sport.

Week two:

Member stories and experiences were the focus of the second week, including Jack Bristow, sharing their case studies.

British Triathlon also shared a video showcasing tips for being an LBGT+ ally in sport. Watch the video here 

Week three:

London Frontrunners Triathlon Club explained their history, positive experiences and how they can continue their progress. Read the story here

In a week dedicated to clubs, content on top tips for LGBT+ inclusion in sport was also shared.

Week four:

An interview with British Triathlon’s Head of Participation, Jenny Vincent, who explained her experiences of the sport and what she wanted to see in the future. Watch the video here

The week culminated with an interview with rugby legend Gareth Thomas who has been a role model for people within the LGBT+ community. As an ambassador for LGBT+ History Month he explained why February was so important, his experiences in sport including completing an IRONMAN and his advice for people wanting to get into sport. Watch the full video here

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