Tata - Kids of Steel: 10 years of inspiring the triathletes of tomorrow


2016 has seen the 10th year of the hugely successful Tata - Kids of Steel series, inspiring the triathletes of tomorrow and getting children active across the country.

2016 has seen the 10th year of the hugely successful Tata-Kids of Steel series. This year’s mini-triathlon involved 7 successfully run events, and has seen a further 5,387 children and 109 schools given the opportunity to experience triathlon in a fun and safe environment, inspiring children to lead more active, healthy lifestyles, as well as providing a great day out for the local community.

This year has seen two-day events in Mold and Swansea and single day events in Corby, London and Sheffield, with the events delivered by the British Triathlon Trust on behalf of Tata Steel and British Triathlon.

10 Years of Tata - Kids of Steel

In what has been an incredible 10 years, this inclusive series, has given many children their first experience of triathlon, from the sportiest children in the class through to those that were unable to swim, bike or run.

Over the years, more than 80,000 children, from almost 2,500 schools, in 124 events, have had the fortune to take part in these amazing event.

You can watch BBC footage from our Corby Kids of Steel event here.

Inspirational Events

The 2016 events threw up another great example of how the series has affected people’s lives for the better, and shown us how inspirational the series has been.

Laura Sharpe took part in a Tata-Kids of Steel in Mold, North Wales, six years ago. Fast forward to this year and not only have we welcomed her and her good friend back as volunteer Young Leaders, but they are now both committed triathletes, who are active members of Welsh Triathlon. Laura is turning out to be one of Welsh Triathlon’s rising stars, competing in the inter-regional championships for Wales, so best keep an eye out for her in the future!

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