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Junior Grand Prix Update



With the regional series having only one race left to go, here are the current leaders in the series taking into account our regional qualifying criteria.

You must race a minimum of 5 races of which three must be triathlons and one of these an open water one.

The remaining two races can be triathlon, duathlon or aquathlon.

Places can still be gained in the last race as it is close between some.


TSS Female

1. Isla Murray 5000

2. Halle Billingham 4905


TSS Male

1. Archie Herbert 5000

2. Finlay Holmes 4837


TS1 Female

1. Isabel Swanston 5000

2. Sophie Quinn 4753

3. Niamh Lonergan 4605


TS1 Male

1. Aidan Turner 5000

2. Jamie Lonergan 4920

3. Oscar Makepeace 4870


TS2 Female

1. Holly McCowie 5000

2. Anna Whelan 4925

3. Tabitha Robson 4869


TS2 Male

1. Joe Swanston 5000

2. Alex Boyer 4971

3. Joseph Lonergan 4905


TS3 Female

1. Erin Keeler-Clarke 4985

2. Ellie Van Der Merwe 4963

3. Millie Breese 4895


TS3 Male

1. Kieron Mitch 4988

2. Matthew Cole 4922

3. Leo White 4886


As always, please direct any queries to Richie  rdspainting@btinternet.com

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