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Everyone who participates in Triathlon is entitled to participate in an enjoyable and safe environment.

What is a DBS and Why do we need them?

A DBS check is a printed record containing information from the Police National Computer, local Police intelligence and a check of Government lists of those people barred from working with children and or adults at risk.  British Triathlon use this information to help decide if a person with a role with under 18’s and or adults at risk is suitable.  For more detailed information please visit

British Triathlon are a registered body recognised by DBS allowing British Triathlon to process DBS application forms. The Disclosure and Barring Service carry out the relevant checks and issue the DBS certificates to the individual, British Triathlon do not receive copies of any DBS certificate.

Who needs a DBS Check?

British Triathlon work in line with Government legislation which means that we offer two levels of checks.

The first is an enhanced check and is for anyone who is in regulated, direct face-to-face contact with children under 18 years of age and or Adults at risk.

Simply put, you need to complete an enhanced DBS and barring check if you are in direct contact with children and/or Adults at risk:

  • once a week or more
  • 4 or more times in a 30-day period, or
  • overnight between 2am and 6am

The second is a standard DBS check and this is required for anyone in regular face-to-face contact with children and/or Adults at risk. British Triathlon determine regular contact as being at least once a month.

If you do not meet the above criteria we are legally not allowed to complete a DBS check for you.

British Triathlon's DBS procedure

You will need to request an application pack from British Triathlon by sending your request to Once you’ve received this you should complete the DBS check application form as well as the personal declaration form.

As part of the DBS check you will need to provide documents to verify your identity.  Enclosed with the DBS application form will be an information pack outlining the documents needed to verify your identity. To verify your identity, you will need to take both the original and a photocopy of your documents to a Post Office which offers the Document Certification Service.  Alternatively, you can get your documents verified by a person who works in (or retired from) a recognised profession.  They cannot be related to you or in a relationship with you.

Examples of recognised professions can be found using the following link;

Finally, you will need to return your DBS application form, personal declaration form, accompanied with photocopies of your certified ID documents to; DBS, British Triathlon, PO Box 25, Loughborough, LE11 3WX, British Triathlon will check your application and validate your ID documents before forwarding it on to DBS to carry out the relevant checks. 

Once British Triathlon receive your application form, we aim to process and send your application of to DBS to carry out the relevant check within 7 working days.

Providing there are no issues with your DBS check application form, DBS will post your certificate to the current address provided on your application form. Once you receive your DBS certificate, you will then need to email a copy to British Triathlon at

To request a pack please email, detailing the number of packs required and the postal address for them to be sent to.

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