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Adult Series

The North East Committee are pleased to announce the regional adult series dates and rules for 2018

There are 30 regional events to choose from in the North East series.

As was the case in 2017, athletes will be scored on their 5 best performances, with a requirement to do at least 1 Duathlon or Aquathlon and a minimum of 3 Triathlons so the best 5 scores can be made up from either;

  1. Duathlon/Aquathlon + 4 Triathlons OR
  2. Duathlon/Aquathlon + 3 Triathlons

The scoring system will be the same as previous years so points are calculated based on the winning time, with the winner receiving 100 points. Subsequent results are calculated by dividing the winning time by the recorded time for all other athletes and multiplying the result by 100 (eg. winner - 1hr 18mins = 100pts, 2nd - 1hr 19 minutes 36sec would receive 97.99 points 78 mins divided by 79.6 mins x 100 = 97.99).

To be eligible for prizes at the end of the series, athletes must:

  • Compete as a member of Triathlon England, Triathlon Scotland or Welsh Triathlon
  • Reside in the North East or be a member of a North East club

Prizes for the top 3 males and females in each age group will be awarded at the end of the series at the Annual Presentation Event. (Date to be confirmed

Age Categories

There are six age classifications based on year of birth. Age for each category are as of 31st December 2018:

  • Junior (U20)
  • Senior (20-39)
  • Vet 40 (40-49)
  • Vet 50 (50-59)
  • Vet 60 (60-69)
  • Vet 70 (70+)

If more than 1 athlete scores the maximum 500 points then the winner will be determined as follows;

i) The sixth best scores will be compared, then 7th etc etc.

ii) if still tied then the cumulative winning margin of the tied athletes’ best 5 scores will be compared.

For the Club Championship the same events and point scoring system will be used as for the athlete GP with the top 5 scores to count from each club regardless of gender or age category.

In the interest of safety and quality control, all races must be permitted by British Triathlon. Any race which fails to attain a permit may be removed from the Series and may be excluded from future years.

Event organisers must forward final race results to the North East Senior GP Coordinator in Excel format within 7 days of the race and MUST include Home Nations membership number, name and D.O.B and club.

Failure to comply may result in exclusion from the the series in future years.

The 2018 Adult Grand Prix races are as follows;

  • Mar 18th - Sun City Duathlon - Cancelled due to the weather, race to be rescheduled
  • Apr 8th - Durham Duathlon
  • Apr 8th - Washington Duathlon
  • Apr 22nd - Stockton Standard & Sprint Duathlons
  • Apr 29th - Ponteland Triathlon
  • Apr 29th - Richmond Triathlon
  • May 7th - Ashington Triathlon
  • May 13th - Alnwick Triathlon
  • May 20th - Cleveland Sprint Triathlon
  • Jun 3rd - Hartlepool Aquathlon
  • Jun 3rd - Northumberland Standard & Sprint Triathlons
  • Jun 16th - Cleveland Short Course
  • Jun 24th - Spanish City Triathlon
  • Jun 27th - Midweek Super Sprint 1/3
  • July 1st - Sprint Tri Ponteland
  • July 8th - Washington Triathlon
  • July 8th - Castle & Derwent Triathlon
  • July 15th - Woodhorn Triathlon
  • July 25th - Midweek Super Sprint 2/3
  • July 29th - Redcar Sprint (Draft Legal)
  • Aug 4th - Cleveland Steelman 
  • Aug 5th - Durham Triathlon
  • Aug 19th - Sun City Triathlon
  • Aug 19th - Castles Middle & Sprint Triathlons
  • Aug 22nd - Midweek Super Sprint 3/3
  • Sep 2nd - Borders & Bridges Triathlon
  • Sep 30th - Hartlepool Triathlon

Another exciting year of races ahead for the North East, Good Luck! 


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