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2015 IRC Information

A look back at North Wests Achievements in the 2015 IRC

2015 IRC Report

To follow soon.

North West Region Announces 2015 IRC Team

Andy Rawley, IRC Team Manager, is pleased to announce the North West Regions IRC Team  for 2015.

T2 Boys
Charlie Harding
Rhys Ashton
Robin Regan
Harry Wood - Reserve
T2 Girls
Harriet King
Sasha Oldham
Charlotte Edwards
Larissa Hannam - Reserve
T3 Boys
Shea Hannam
Marcus Dey
Oliver Makinson
Adam Jones - Reserve
T3 Girls
Lauren Cooley
Hannah Edwards
Alice Miller
Ruby Frankland - Reserve

First 2015 IRC training day announced

It has been announced that the first training aimed at potential IRC triathletes will be held on Saturday 4th July in a split venue day. The day will begin at 10am with an Open Water Training session at Capernwray, near Lancaster and in the afternoon there will be bike sessions which will be held at Salt Ayre, Lancaster.

An additional IRC training event has also been added to the selection process. There is an Open Water Triathlon being held at Mallory Park Racing circuit on Saturday 18th July. This event will be draft legal and be run with gear restrictions on the bike. Apart from this being the venue where the IRC's will take place, this is the only race this year that juniors IRC triathletes can race in IRC race trim. A fantastic opportunity. A link to entry can be seen below.

Finally in this announcement, to clear the cobwebs from the summer break, there is a children's Open Water Triathlon at Newby Hall, in Rippon, Yorkshire. A link to more information abouty this event can be found below:

2015 IRC's information and selection criteria

British Triathlon has announced that this year's IRC competition will be held on Sunday 6th September 2015 at Mallory Park Racing Circuit, Leicestershire.

Each regional team will be made up of T2 and T3 age groups with 3 boys and 3 girls being selected for each category resulting in team of 12 triathletes travelling to represent the North West Region at the end of August. 

The children that will represent the North West Region will be selected by Andy Rawley. In an attempt to make the selection process as transparent as possible the main criteria that will be considered when picking the 12 person team is detailed below. All the criteria below will be reviewed for each prospective NW Regional representative.  Andy will also consider, where possible, the athletes ability to work within a team, their attitude in adverse race situations and their ability to perform when it matters. The triathletes that measure up best to all the criteria will be selected. Andy's team selection decision will be final.

Before the team is picked there will be a number of training opportunities for prospective team members.

- The North West Region are aiming to organise at least one open water training session at Capernwray and at least one bike session at Salt Ayre. These sessions will be open to all junior triathletes in the North West and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. These events will give children a great opportunity to polish their skills or even learn them for the first time.

- There will also be an opportunity for prospective T3s team members to race at Mallory Park on 18th July 2015 in a draft legal triathlon. This event is open for entry on Entry Central. At present the T2s are not being allowed to enter this race but keep the date in mind in case places become available at a later date. The IRC team will be known by this date and we would like team members and reserves to attend this event if at all possible. Please talk to Andy Rawley befor entering this event.

- There is the possibility that prospective T2s & T3s will be allowed to attend a practice day at Mallory Park on 27th May, in the half term holiday. News about this day will be released as soon as it is available. We would like prospective IRC team members to attend this event if possible. 

- This years IRC race, and the race at Mallory Park on 18th July, will trial the concept of restricted gearing [as used by British Cycling] for the bike leg of both races. In short this will mean that the highest gears on children's bike will be disabled so that they can't be used. There will be a number of opportunities between now and the IRCs where training about how to restrict a bikes gears and why it is being introduced will be given. 

In terms of logistics for the event the model that has been successful for the last two years will be used again. The team will travel by coach on the morning of Saturday 5th September, probably from Pimbo, stay in a local hotel on Saturday evening and return after the event on Sunday. There will be an opportunity to practice at the venue on the afternoon of Saturday 5th September.

The following criteria will be considered in the team selection process and prioritised in the order presented for each of the prospective triathletes: 

1.       Must be available on Saturday 5th to travel to Mallory Park on the team bus, stay overnight in a local hotel and race at Mallory Park on Sunday 6th September before traveling home on the coach on Sunday evening.

2.       Must have a suitable road bike or have access to one.

3.       Must have a suitable wet-suit or have access to one and have participated in an Open Water Triathlon, an Open Water swimming race or Open Water swim training.

4.       Triathletes to have raced in a draft legal triathlon, a draft legal bike race or can demonstrate competence from attendance at bike drafting training sessions.

5.       Swim times for 200m and / or 400m

6.       Run times for 1,000m and / or 1,500m

7.       Triathletes must complete at least 3 races in the North West Junior Series of which 2 should be triathlons. Potential representatives should aim to compete in the North West Junior Series Triathlons at Blackpool on 17th and 31st May 2015 and at Salt Ayre on 21st June 2015 as well as the Open Water Aquathlon on 27th June 2015 at Crosby Lake. This gives 4 races to target before final selection takes place. At minimum, at least one of the listed triathlon events above must be competed in. 

8.       How well have triathletes performed in the North West Junior Series / National Events up to and including 5th July 2015. 

9.       Must be a Triathlon England member

Three triathletes, and one reserve will be selected in each of the following categories with the reserve being stood down in the week preceding the IRC race once everyone has confirmed they are still available and fit to race:

  • T2 Girls
  • T2 Boys
  • T3 Girls
  • T3 Boys

The team, including reserves, will be announced no later than Sunday 19th July 2015. Please note this is 6 days later than originally published.

If anyone has any questions about any of the above or would like to register an interest in their children representing the NW Region then please contact Andy Rawley using the e-mail address below. Please note that registering an interest in representing the NW Region at the IRCs is no guarantee of a place on the team, that will ultimately be up to the selection process outlined above.

Andy Rawley at e-mail [email protected]

2015 IRC weekend announced

Next year’s British Triathlon Inter Regional Championships has just been confirmed as being at Mallory Park in Leicestershire on the weekend of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September 2015.

The IRCs will be on Sunday 6th September with Saturday 5th September being the practioce day.

At the moment there is no schedule, course or entry information available.

Details of how the North West Regions Team will be selected for 2015 will appear on this web page in the New Year.

The British Triathlon IRC web page can be found using the link here.

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