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Inter Regional championships (IRC's)

The North West region were the IRC winners in 2013 and runners up in 2014 and 2015.

British Triathlon has announced that this year's IRC competition will be held on August Bank Holiday Monday 28th August at Mallory Park

Each regional team will be made up of T2 and T3 age groups with 3 boys and 3 girls being selected for each category resulting in team of 12 triathletes travelling to represent the North West Region In late August

The team has been chosen and congratulations to the following athletes who will represent the NORTHWEST REGION at Mallory park on Monday 28th August 2017.

T2 Girls                                                                                 T2 Boys
Millie Bell                                                                                Elliot Bujac
Olivia Miller                                                                            Alex Poulston
Hannah Camden                                                                   Luke Rawcliffe
T3 Girls                                                                                 T3 Boys
Olivia Logan                                                                           Rhys Ashton
Charlotte Edwards                                                                Robin Regan
Amy West                                                                               Charlie Harding

The children that will represent the North West Region will be selected by Andy Rawley. In an attempt to make the selection process as transparent as possible the main criteria that will be considered when picking the 12 person team is detailed below. All the criteria below will be reviewed for each prospective NW Regional representative.  Andy will also consider, where possible, the athletes ability to work within a team, their attitude in adverse race situations and their ability to perform when it matters. The triathletes that measure up best to all the criteria will be selected. Andy's team selection decision will be final.

Andy will take into consideration all performances throughout  the season at national races and in the NW but the main 4 races will be 

1.Leeds ITU Series 10-11 June 9 (Open water)

2,Salt Ayre Tri on 18th June

3,Cholmondley Castle Tri 24-25 June (Open Water)

4.Bats Trawler Tri 2nd June.

5. To have experience riding in Crit-races (Please see details below)

The team will be chosen on July 9th 

You do not have do compete in every race listed however you will need to do at least one of the open water events plus one of the tarmac based pool triathlons listed.

There will be a number of training opportunities for team members once the team is picked however if your looking to improve your skills within the sport to help you to improve i would sign up to Skills Schools .

- This years IRC race like last years race will be on restricted gears, concept of restricted gearing [as used by British Cycling] . In short this will mean that the highest gears on children's bike will be disabled so that they can't be used. There will be a number of opportunities between now and the IRCs where training about how to restrict a bikes gears and why it is being introduced will be given. 

In terms of logistics for travel to the event details will be released soon

The following criteria will be considered in the team selection process and prioritised in the order presented for each of the prospective triathletes: 

1.       Must be available on 27th till 28th August for the event, stay overnight in a local hotel and race at Mallory park on the Monday before traveling home . If you cannot travel as a family on the coach we need to be notified as soon as possible. 

2.       Must have a suitable road bike or have access to one.

3.       Must have a suitable wet-suit or have access to one and have participated in an Open Water Triathlon, an Open Water swimming race or Open Water swim training.

4.       Triathletes to have raced in a draft legal triathlon, a draft legal bike race or can demonstrate competence from attendance at bike drafting training sessions.There are plenty of crit races during the summer months at venues around the NW Litherland and Saltayre being two with IRC coaches being in attendance this is a great opportunity to practice drafting and bike skills at race pace. ( Free Coaching Tip) it will also help with your running fitness If you are planning on attending at Litherland you will have to join up as a member of British cycling.

5. We also suggest parents to read the Parental Code Of Conduct  as last year it was witnessed at many races by Andy and Rolf that this was broken.This could affect in your son or daughter being selected for the NW IRC team.

6. Athlete knowledge of the rules Drafting and Non drafting races.

If you would like your son or daughter to be considered for IRC selection could you please let us know as soon as possible as we are already putting plans in place for a budget 

Andy Rawley IIRC Head Coach                 -  [email protected] m

Paul Ekgren children series coordinator    -  [email protected]

Andrew Richardson Assistant Head Coach

Just to finish off over the past years we have spent in Triathlon we have learned how much of a role parents play in the development of Triathlon in the NW we have a great race series great numbers and great talent being developed in our Academy. so if you think of anyone who meets the criteria above who is not yet in the sport and would like to give triathlon ago encourage them to get involved and let us know. 

If you have any questions you can contact Andy or Paul details as above


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