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2022 North West Junior Series Events

The regional series is open to athletes between the ages of 9 & 16 (age as of December 31st 2022)

To enter the North West Junior Race Series athletes must either live within the Region area or be a current member of a North West Triathlon registered club and be a British Triathlon Home Nation member.  Membership must be taken out before a race to claim points for the regional series.  No exceptions can be made once the results have been published.

Everyone can enter the events in the appropriate age groups but only those that are members, as outlined above, will count for points and end of season awards.

Athletes Details

Please ensure, when athletes complete race entry forms athletes use the same name (in full) that is displayed on the competitors British Triathlon membership card. This ensures that points are allocated to the correct athlete.

Regional Contact

Any questions concerning the series, race entry or results please contact the Regional Junior Race Series Coordinator: Paul Ekgren, Junior Series Coordinator (

Scoring events to count. - 4 Races to count with 3 of them Triathlons.


TENW Junior Race Series 2022

Date  Race  Entry Link

St Annes Triathlon (enter early)

18-19/06/22 Cholmondley Castle (OW) ENTER HERE
25/06/22 Open Water Aquathon at Three Sisters Wigan  
30-31/07/22 Central Lancashire Duathlon  ENTER HERE
21/08/22 Bolton Duathon (Tameside) ENTER HERE
18/09/22 Chester Triathlon ENTER HERE
25/09/22 Fleetwood Triathlon (enter early) ENTER HERE


The North West Junior Race Series is open to all athletes aged between 9 & 16 (age as of December 31st 2022). To be entered for the North West Junior Race Series standing athletes must either live within the North West area or be a current member of a North West Triathlon registered club and be a British Triathlon Home Nation member before the event no back dating scores.

There are four age classifications based on year of birth. Age for each group are as of 31st December 2022:

  • TriStar 1: 9-10 years old (born 2013 / 2012)
  • TriStar 2: 11-12 years old (born 2011 / 2010)
  • TriStar 3: 13-14 years old (born 2009 / 2008)
  • Youth: 15-16 years old (born 2007/ 2006)

Current StandinGS

How are points calculated?

The North West Junior Race Series is governed by the North West Triathlon Regional Committee. All races are sanctioned by British Triathlon and therefore competitors and spectators must abide by the rules of the British Triathlon.  

Points are calculated based on the winning time with the winner receiving 1000 points. Subsequent results are calculated by dividing the winning time by the recorded time for all other athletes and multiplying the result by 1000 (eg winner in 18mins gets 1000pts,  2nd place finishes in 18 minutes 36. 18 mins divided by 18mins 36 * 1000 = 968 and therefore the 2nd place finisher would would receive 968 points for that race).

If a race is cancelled or is deemed not to have met the level of quality that we require from a race then the committee have the right to amend the number of points scored by the winner and the number of qualifying races to count in the series.

I live outside the North West or hold a Welsh/Scottish Home Nation membership, can I still compete for point in the Junior Series?

Athletes who are Triathlon England members that have North West as their associated region will automatically be registered for the Junior Series. As a Triathlon England member this is this only way to collect points in the series.

Should you hold a Triathlon Scotland or Welsh Triathlon Junior membership please contact Paul Ekgren, Junior Series Coordinator ( to register for the series.

IRC Qualification

Each year a squad of 4 boys and 4 girls from Tristar 2 & Tristar 3  are selected to represent North West in the Inter Regional Championships. This selection is based on their performances in specific qualifying races.

Full details of the IRC process, together with the date and venue of the IRC's themselves can be found on the IRC selection page.

IRC Selection

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