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Junior and Senior Series Alignment Update


Please check out these changes for the upcoming series!

Alignment of the Junior Races to the Senior Series

For the NW Region 2020 season, a decision was made to remove the Junior races and align them to the newly created Senior Series.

Following on from this decision and the subsequent announcement, there have been questions asked relating to four main areas.

Why have you made the changes?

Aim – To increase numbers

  • With only 4 junior girls and 10 junior boys (of which only 2 boys and 2 girls raced more than once) we wanted to try something different for 2020. With the new adult series launched in 2020, this has offered an opportunity for our young adults to have their own league rather than fragmented across different series. This is a difficult age with a high dropout rate that need to be treated with care, thought and respect.
  • To help with the transition to adult racing
  • We want the Junior (17 to 19) Series to act as a pathway where the Juniors can experience senior racing but at a more appropriate distance. All the race distances have been chosen using British Triathlon guidelines, to provide the best possible mix within the available races. Older Juniors may wish to compete at a longer distance, but we would recommend that you discuss any potential races with your club’s coaches on an individual basis.

Why have these races been selected?

Aim – To establish a Race Selection Criteria

  • Established, high quality races that have 100+ participants to encourage both racing and mass participation
  • Geographical location – The races were selected to try to give a spread around the largest region in England
  • Time of year – A mix of races from Easter through to the end of September
  • Races that allow Seniors and Juniors (17 to 19) to race at appropriate distances on the same day
  • Mix of distances from Sprint to Middle for Seniors and Super-Sprint to Standard for Juniors (17 to 19)
  • Majority of races to be triathlons but to include a duathlon and aquathlon
  • It was impossible to fit races into every criterion perfectly and some fantastic races have been missed off for this year. The series races will rotate around the region each year and race organisers will be contacted in the summer regarding interest for the 2021 series.
  • The aquathlon has limited capacity at each race but with a repeatable course, it is possible to combine the results from multiple races, to give suitable numbers for the series. If you compete at both aquathlons, only the first race will be used for the race series times.
  • For the Junior (17 to 19) Series we have reduced the number of races needed to best 3 races to count and 2 races to get a place on the series rankings. We are hoping this will bring some increased flexibility in race choice and increase the number of juniors competing in the series
  • Mold Triathlon on 26th April 2020 has been added to the Junior (17 to 19) Series as a 9th event. This is a fantastic & popular race that we will be using as a link between the Youth and Junior (17 to 19) Series and provides an extra option for athletes to compete in the series.
  • A clarification on the aquathlon rules – because of the popularity of the venue, we have decided to use two of the races and combine the results to give more people the chance to race. A master set of results will be produced to give the series points. If you compete in both aquathlons, only the first race will count to the series. This applies to both Juniors (17 to 19) and Seniors

What about the increase in pricing?

Aim – To ensure value for money, whilst providing variety

  • We have contacted race organisers and negotiated reduced entry fees for the Juniors where possible.
  • Thanks to the generosity of the race organisers of the Junior (17 to 19) events, we have a number of discounts on entry fees and both financial & practical support for junior coaching, training and racing in the region. Every organiser has been brilliant and details of discounts will be listed on the website alongside the series events.

Were clubs or individuals consulted on the changes?

Aim – To establish a NW Community, which will include consultation, information sharing and resource planning.

Following the AGM, over 90 percent of the committee were new in post. Prior to the committee being elected, work had already begun on establishing the NW 2020 race series. Discussion’s around the changes to the Junior Series centred around increasing numbers and encouraging those who had not taken part previously in the series, but were members of not only triathlon clubs, but other related sporting communities. The Junior category was one area that had already been under discussion and a decision was taken to trial the change, whilst continually engaging members in its progress and viability for the 2021 season.

A group will be set up to look at the changes, monitor its progress, whilst assessing the best outcome for both members and clubs.

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