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Notice of the Annual General Meeting of the North West Regional Committee of Triathlon England


Notice is hereby given to all Clubs and Members of the North West Region of Triathlon England that the next Annual General Meeting and Annual Prize Giving will be held at 7pm on Thursday 27th October 2022 at the HSBC National Cycling Centre in Manchester.

An agenda will be published a minimum of 10 days prior to the event.  However, Members should be aware that nominations are invited for the following posts which will be elected at the meeting:


- Chair

- Treasurer

- Secretary

- Senior Series Co-ordinator

- Junior Series Co-ordinator

- Communications Co-ordinator

- Coaching Co-ordintor

- Officials Co-rdinator

- IRC Manager


Nominations for these posts should be submitted to the Secretary - Brad Lincoln - at in accordance with the procedures of the Committee which are outlined below.

11. Nomination Procedure for Officers and Committee Members

The following process will be used to nominate Members in the election of Committee Members at the AGM or EGM.

a. Any Member, in good standing (good standing is defined as a fully paid up Member of Triathlon England) may stand for election to the Regional Committee.

b. Nominations for election must be made using the Triathlon England Regional Committee Election pro forma (Appendix 1).

c. For a valid nomination to go forward, nominations must include the nominee’s full name and Triathlon England Membership Number and Club name (if applicable).

d. Nominations will be sent to the Regional Secretary by post, by email or other means and methods approved by the Committee and an acknowledgment of receipt will be issued to the nominee.

e. Should the nomination be void for whatever reason, the rationale for being classified as ‘a void nomination’ shall be communicated to the nominee.

f. All nominations must be received 14 (fourteen) days prior to the AGM.

g. If a nomination is made by post or by email or other means and methods approved by the Committee and is not received by the Regional Secretary, proof of postage and/or email receipt will not be accepted as a valid nomination. It is the responsibility of the nominee to ensure that the nomination is received by the Regional Secretary and an acknowledgement of a valid nomination obtained. September 2020

12. Elections of Committee Members Elections of Committee Members will take place at the AGM or if necessary, an EGM.

Each Member shall have one vote in the election of Committee Members which may be cast by post or email (or other electronic means approved by the Table Officers).

A list of valid nominations shall be published by the Secretary with the AGM or EGM Agenda by publishing the Triathlon England Regional Committee Election pro forma for each nominated Member at least 10 days prior to the AGM. Nominees shall also be afforded the opportunity to speak for a maximum of two minutes at the AGM or EGM, prior to the casting of votes.

The Chair shall appoint tellers who shall sort votes cast and relay to the Chair. The election of Committee Membersshall be passed by a simple majority of the votes cast. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairperson shall have the casting vote, in addition to their ordinary vote.

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