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Senior Series Rules

The rules have been updated for the 2016 Series.

North West Senior Series competition rules

2016 North West Senior Series Rules

General Rules

  1. Entry is via the race organiser of each individual event. All eligible entrants in each race will be able to win Championship prizes/points in the club league.
  2. The results as published by each race organiser will be used. If an event is modified, any results as produced by the organiser will stand.
  3. On entering an event, the club name on the race licence will stand, this cannot be changed and is in line with the British Triathlon rules on membership.
  4. All events will operate under British Triathlon race rules.
  5. All Championship and Club League race organisers are required to permit all their 2016 events. Organisers that do not meet this criteria will have their races removed from the Series.

Regional Individual Championship Rules

  1. Competitors must be a Triathlon England member with region specified as North West.  It is NOT sufficient to be a member of a NW Club which is affiliated, or resident in the area.  Membership will be checked against central British Triathlon membership records on the day of the event.
  2. Each race is considered individually.  Race results as produced by race organisers will be taken. 
  3. Prizes will only be awarded to those who meet the eligibility rules.
  4. Women’s and men’s races will be considered separately.

Inter Club League Rules

  1. Clubs must be Triathlon England affiliated clubs registered in the North West region by 1st April to be eligible for prizes.
  2. Competitors must state their club name on their race entry. They do not need to be Triathlon England members. NO RETROSPECTIVE ADDING OF TEAM NAMES WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  3. Competitors must be a paid up member of the club stated on their race entry and can only race for one North West Club in any calendar year.
  4. The results as published by the race organiser will be used.
  5. The league will cover a minimum of 8 events including the 3 championship events
  6. Separate leagues will exist for men and women.
  7. The best 3 points scores from club members will be counted.
  8. Each competitor scores points on where they come in their age-group, i.e. 1stin age group equals 1 point, 7th in age group equals 7 points. Therefore, a team is at an advantage to have a wide range of athletes; older women competing well in their age group are just as important to the team as fast young men.
  9. Disqualified competitors or ‘missing’ team members, for those clubs with less than 3 competitors, will be allocated 1000 points.
  10. Competitors that did not finish will be allocated points based on last place in the race (not in their age-group).
  11. The club with the fewest points in the race, will be allocated 50 points towards their league score, the second club will be allocated 49 etc. Clubs with no competitors will not score points for that event.
  12. Points will be accumulated in each race and the club with the most points after the final event will win the league.
  13. In the event that there is a tie in overall club points, athletes points will be counted up and the club with the lowest points will win.

Results and disputes

  1. All results will be updated on the North West Regional website and facebook account.
  2. Championship prizes will be awarded at the Championship event. Club league prizes will be awarded to the club at the end of the season.
  3. In each individual Championship event there are trophies for 1st Junior (17-19), 1st Senior (20-39), 1st Vet (40-49) and 1st Supervet (50+) and a medal for 1st Overall. In the club championship, there is a trophy for 1st club (male) and 1stclub (female). For the Club league there are shields which are returned annually.
  4. For past winners see Hall of Fame in the seniors section.
  5. Any disputes over results will only be considered if received by the committee within one week of a championship event, or one week of the final event of club league.
  6. For any disputes a sub-committee of 2 members of the regional committee and the regional development officer shall make final decision.
  7. The NW Regional Committee’s decision will be final.

Prize List

The 1st overall in each individual championship event will be awarded a medal. The category winners and club relay winning clubs will receive a trophy. The club league winners will each receive a shield to be kept for a year.

  Duathlon Championships Sprint Championships Standard Distance Championships Club League<
Men 1st Overall 1st Overall 1st Overall 1stOverall
1st Junior (17-19) 1st Junior (17-19) 1st Junior (17-19)  
1st Senior (20 – 39) 1st Senior (20 – 39) 1st Senior (20 – 39)  
1st Vet (40+) 1st Vet (40+) 1st Vet (40+)  
1st Super Vet (50+) 1st Super Vet (50+) 1st Super Vet (50+)  
Women 1st Overall 1st Overall 1st Overall 1stOverall
1st Junior (17-19) 1st Junior (17-19) 1st Junior (17-19)  
1st Senior (20 – 39) 1st Senior (20 – 39) 1st Senior (20 – 39)  
1st Vet (40+) 1st Vet (40+) 1st Vet (40+)  
1st Super Vet (50+) 1st Super Vet (50+) 1st Super Vet (50+)  

If you have any questions relating to this area, please contact:

Kate Offord, North West Senior Series Coordinator


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