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Covid-19 Latest Update
march 2022

The ways in which swim, bike, run activity and events operated across England, Scotland and Wales were forced to change during the Covid-19 pandemic with guidance issued to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 to the swim, bike, run community.

Following the removal of all legal restrictions (in England), a Covid-19 update has been provided for clubs, coaches, participants and event organisers with advice and good practice they can follow and may wish to consider continuing to implement going forward.

Please always adhere to the latest Government legislation and guidance, and aways respect others around you including implementing mitigation you feel appropriate and giving consideration to how you can maintain good hygiene to protect yourself and others.

Remember that everyone has a different level of comfort now that restrictions have eased, so please encourage an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

The following update has been developed from what has been learned throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and includes information for clubs, coaches and individual participation. An update for event organisers can be found on the Event Organisers System.

Clubs, coaches and individual participation

  • Continue to ensure your members feel comfortable and welcome by checking how they feel about the removal of restrictions and consider if any measures should be retained for members’ confidence.
  • Contact the sport facility operator to understand if any Covid-19 safety measures remain in place, and check whether there is anything you and your participants should do to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission on site. Although Covid-19 Risk Assessments and Covid-19 Action Plans are no longer required, revisiting them and adopting some elements into your normal practice might be beneficial.
  • Consider whether there are any changes to how first aiders or safety team members will support or rescue participants. If there are any changes, please update your risk management documents accordingly.
  • Whatever you decide to keep or change, make sure you communicate your updated plans to all participants.
  • Ask all members and participants to undertake pre-session symptom checks for any infectious illness and not to attend when they have symptoms.
  • If you hire or lend any clothing or equipment, ensure it is sanitised immediately after use and before anyone else uses it.
  • There is no longer a requirement for you to have a designated ‘Covid-19 Officer’ but having an identified person to promote general wellbeing might be a good step for a club. The role could support good hygiene and consideration for others – including regular hand washing and sanitising.
  • Continuing online pre-booking of sessions and collecting contact details of those attending club sessions and events can help to support. It can also help you to continue avoiding use of cash by maintaining electronic payments.
  • Whilst there are no limits placed upon activity and coaching group sizes through Covid-19 guidance, our general activity guidance and coaching ratios still apply to all sessions. They can all be found here.

Please note: Guidance in Scotland and Wales may differ. Information on events and club and training activity in Scotland can be found on the Triathlon Scotland website here and information for Wales can be found on the Welsh Triathlon website here.

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