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The below information has been created to summarise the key information in the British Triathlon Clubs and Coaches Guidance document which can be found here. This updated guidance only applies in England, for information about Scotland's guidance please visit Triathlon Scotland and for information about Wales' guidance please visit Welsh Triathlon

New guidance to support you through the process

Ahead of planning club or coaching activity, it is really important to ensure that all activity is planned in a Covid-19 Secure manner. The government have established guidelines to ensure participant safety when they are taking part in sporting activity. The guidance we have produced must be adhered to in order for our clubs and coaches to remain insured.

Key Requirements

1.    All community clubs must appoint a named Covid-19 Officer

2.    All community clubs must develop a Covid-19 Action Plan and Risk Assessment

3.    All clubs and coaches must comply with government guidance around social distancing before, during and after activity

4.    All clubs and coaches must capture pre-activity health questionnaires, including participant contact details which can be shared upon request with the government’s test and trace initiative

5.    Clubs and coaches must ensure everyone at the session maintains good hygiene and that provisions are in place to allow for this

6.    Sessions that include children and young people under the age of 18 should be more meticulously planned to ensure their needs are catered for


Download the full guidance PDF


Before returning to activity, it is the club and coach’s responsibility to ensure they are able to run the session in a Covid-19 Secure manner.

All clubs must develop a Covid-19 plan and risk assessment before resuming activity.

Covid-19 Officer:

All clubs need to appoint a named Covid-19 Officer and they will be responsible for oversight of the risk and mitigation planning, communicating information to all parties and ensuring that the necessary standards are met.

Planning for Social Distancing:

The expectation is that clubs and coaches implement social distancing of two metres across sessions wherever possible and only consider one metre plus mitigation where absolutely necessary.

Pre-attendance Official Symptom Check:

All participants, officials, volunteers and spectators must undergo a self-assessment for any Covid-19 symptoms. No one should leave home to participate in club activity if they, or someone they live with, has any of the Covid-19 symptoms.

Equipment and clothing:

The sharing of equipment (such as bikes, wetsuits, helmets, floats, etc) must be avoided where possible, particularly equipment used around the head and face. Where equipment is shared, it must be cleaned before another person uses it. 

NHS Test and Trace:

Clubs and coaches should support the NHS test and trace programme by collecting relevant contact information on participants so everyone can be contacted if someone falls ill with Covid-19.


Increased hygiene measures must be in place at all times. To view a full list of the requirements please view our guidance document here. British Triathlon has also produced an Individual Hygiene Guidance document which can be viewed here. 

Administering First Aid:

As there is no access to indoor facilities allowed, consideration should be made to house first aid equipment externally. All first aid equipment must be updated appropriately for the Covid-19 pandemic and first aiders must have undertaken appropriate additional training.

Capacity and Maximum Numbers:

Consideration for numbers should be based on the size of the outdoor area that you can train in. Please view the guidance documentation to see British Triathlon’s list of considerations [Link to guidance doc].

Download the full guidance PDF


All clubs must develop a Covid-19 plan and risk assessment before resuming activity, and it is important to take the below points into consideration. 

Injury Treatment:

Injuries should still be treated as participant wellbeing is vital. The best way to protect yourself and others is through rigorous cleaning and personal hygiene. After contact with an injured participant, clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol hand sanitiser at the earliest opportunity.

Social Distancing whilst Training:

Social distancing should be maintained throughout the session. To enable this, British Triathlon has drawn up guidance for how to run your session distanced. This can be viewed under the scenarios section of this page.

Social Distancing on Arrival/Leaving and Post Training:

Participants are encouraged to follow best practice for travel, including minimising use of public transport and limiting car sharing. Please walk, run or cycle if you can. People from a household or support bubble can travel together in a vehicle. Clubs should strictly limit the time spent congregating at a venue before activity begins and meet-up times should reflect this.

Download the full guidance PDF


British Triathlon has adopted three practices that clubs and coaches must operate within during the Covid-19 period. They must be met for settings to be classed as Covid-19 Secure and for insurance to remain valid. As set out in government guidance for outdoor gatherings, training and participation groups must never exceed six people. 

All training and participation groups must be led by Level 2 coaches. The scale of allowed club and coach activity will, during Covid-19, depend upon the number of level 2 qualified coaches in club and coached settings. One level 2 qualified coach can work with a maximum of three groups of five. If clubs or coaches have either qualified activators or level 1 coaches then the maximum groups they may work with increases to five groups of five, so long as each group has an activator or level 1 coach overseeing their participation. 

For the purposes of Covid-19 planning and operations, environments for clubs and coaches are classed as being in one of two classifications: ‘static environments’ (parks, bike circuits, running tracks, indoor pools, outdoor pools and lidos and coached open water settings) and; ‘non-static environments’ (such as open highways/pavements/lanes and non-coached open water settings). 

For more detailed information, please download our guidance document.

For visual representation of how to operate in static and non-static environments please click below: 


Scenario one

Scenario two

Scenario three

Scenario four

Download the full guidance PDF


Children and Young People

Special consideration should be given for children and young people under the age of 18 when planning and delivering activity in a Covid-19 Secure manner.

To help plan sessions and activity, British Triathlon has summarised the information below:

Participant Screening:

Coaches need to ensure that participants are appropriately fit and well in order to take part in the session. Participants under the age of 18 must provide the coach with a Parental Coaching Consent Form.

NHS Test and Trace:

In order to support the NHS Test and Trace, clubs and coaches should keep a temporary record of all participants for 21 days. For all participants under the age of 18, a parent/guardian name and contact details should be kept for the same period of time.


Parents and guardians should be advised that children and young people should arrive for the session changed and ready for the session to avoid congregating.


If coaching multiple bubbles of children and young people, you should ensure they are spaced out enough to ensure they do not merge. Where parents/guardians are accompanying children for the activity, they must be included in the bubble count to ensure there are no more than six per bubble.


Club and coached sessions should only be spectated by parents/guardians at a max one per child or young person where possible.


It is essential you have an in-date DBS check (less than three-years old) if you are coaching an athlete that is under 18.

Download the full guidance PDF


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