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SC Regional Academy

The Regional Academy programme is about supporting and developing athletes in their pursuit of excellence.

The Academy is the first step on the Performance Pathway with a focus on developing athletes aged 15-19 years, whilst also supporting TS3 athletes through the Development Squad.

The Academy coaching team are focused on supporting the athletes’ growth as a person, as well as an athlete. We want the Academy to be a positive experience where we all can be challenged, succeed, fail and learn in a supported environment.

Academy Trials

To participate in the Regional Academy trials an athlete has to complete an application process. There are three phases in the selection process.

The first phase:

  • Completion of the online application form with current & verified swim and run times. The application form is now online on the BTF website.
  • The application form will ask athletes to answer questions in line with the Athlete Development Framework (ADF).
  • Athletes with a swim & run score in the region of 320+ points will be considered for the Academy Squad trials.
  • Athletes with a swim & run score in the region of 300+ points will be considered for the Development Squad trials. See
  • 2022 South Central Academy & Development Squad trials will be on 24 and 25 September between at Radley College Sports Centre, Abingdon. For further information contact Scott Murray Regional Academy Lead on
  • If athletes score highly enough on the points matrix, they will be invited to the second phase. The initial physical assessment phase will consist of a swim & a run time trial.

The second phase:

  • As well as considering the athletes swim & run time trials, how the athletes display the behaviours aligned to the ADF, will influence if they are invited into the academy for the final phase.

The third and final phase:

  • This phase consists of continual assessment on various weekends through October to January whilst the athlete is within the Academy setting. Athletes will be assessed against the ADF as well as on their engagement and application, including but not limited to, completing a day to day training diary on Training Peaks (account provided); aerobic swim capacity assessments; bike pack riding ability; Wattbike assessment on a test -retest basis plus a strength & conditioning robustness assessment, as well as 1-2-1 interviews.
  • The athletes will be confirmed in the Academy after the January Academy weekend.

This gives a brief overview of the Academy, for further information contact Scott Murray on 07870596873 & 

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