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Senior Series 2020

We are pleased to announce details for the Triathlon England South East (TESE) Region Club Senior Series for 2020, with a mixture of old favourites and new races including the first dedicated senior series event, where bonus points will be up for grabs!

Updated Statement on Covid-19 (26/06/2020): We regret announce that the 2020 TESE Senior Series has been cancelled. We have been informed that all 6 scheduled events have been cancelled by their respective organisers. The series will return in 2021! 

TESE Senior Series 2020

Date Published: 13th November 2019

Last edit: 26th June 2020


We are pleased to announce details for the Triathlon England South East (TESE) Region Club Senior Series for 2019. The series will follow a similar format, with three new events plus the Southwater Relays as the club season finale. 

Popular events from last year East Grinstead, Bewl and Southwater retain their place in the series, whilst Eastbourne, Redhill and Ocean Lake Triathlon make it onto the program.


At Eastbourne Triathlon athletes will have the opportunity to represent their clubs in the series at the same time as attempting to qualify for the GB Age-Group Team.

TESE club of the year Ocean Lake Triathlon will host the first dedicated senior series event, with priority entry for those representing their clubs in the senior series. 50% bonus points will be on offer at this event, so expect a competitive race!

The events are:





East Grinstead Sprint Triathlon

(re-scheduled TBD)

Sunday 10th May 2020

CANCELLED - (Covid-19)



Dartford Bridge Sprint Triathlon


Sunday 28th June 2020 




Eastbourne StandardTriathlon  (ETU Qualifier)


Saturday 11th July 2020




Ocean Lake Sprint Triathlon (Senior Series only event)


Sunday 12th July 2020 



Bewl SprintTriathlon


Sunday 2nd August 2020



Southwater Relays


Sunday 6th September 2020





How does it work?

  1. Athletes score points for their clubs at 6 races across the south east over the season.

  2. In a given classification, each clubs best 3 events (out of 6) will count towards their final total. 

  3. At the end of the season, prizes are awarded across 5 different classifications.

  4. The winner of the 2020 senior series, is the winner of the ‘Overall Classification’ which combines both genders with results weighed and then adjusted according to age-group. 

What's new for 2020?

  1. 3 new events, Eastbourne, Ocean Lake and Redhill. (Update: Redhill was subsequently cancelled and replaced with Dartford Sprint Triathlon)

  2. First dedicated senior series event at Leybourne Lakes with 50% bonus points to be won. 

  3. 10% discount on entries to Eastbourne ETU Standard Distance Qualifier for those representing their clubs in the senior series. 

What’s on offer?

Athletes who represent their clubs in the TESE Senior Series will score points in the following competitions:

Overall Club Championship – For the club with the fastest mixed gender team after results have been adjusted for age. Winners of the Overall Club Championship gain the title club champions of the south east. 

Best male team – For the club with the fastest men’s team.

Best female team – For the club with the fastest women’s team.

Best mixed team– For the fastest club when points in the male and female championships are combined.


How does my club enter the Senior Series?

All TESE affiliated clubs can enter the Senior Series by sending an email to containing your club name, club contact details, your name and your position within your club.  

There is no registration fee. Please nominate a club co-ordinator when registering your club and please encourage your triathletes to wear club team kit when racing in the Senior Series, to promote and advertise TESE clubs.


How do individual club members enter the races in the Senior Series?

Members from each club must enter the races as individuals under their club name and pay their own entry fee. Please enter events early to avoid disappointment when they sell-out. Please take care to enter the correct event, as some have more than one distance on offer.

If the club name is not included so it appears on the results, no time will be recorded towards the Senior Series. Please ensure your entry includes your club details before the event. There will be no opportunity to retrospectively add your club after the event and there is no right of appeal if your club name is not shown on the results. Triathletes must be paid up club members and can only race for one TESE club in any calendar year.


What is the scoring system for the Female, Male and Mixed team series?

Female and male results sheets are scored separately. For the female and male competitions, the last placed athlete picks up 1 point, the second last 2 points, and so on all the way up to the winner.

The total points scored by the three highest placed male finishers from each club gives the points scored in the Male classification. The total points scored by the three highest placed female finishers from each club gives the points scored in the Female classification. The winning club in any given classification is the one with the highest score. Introduced in 2019, clubs with less than three triathletes may still score points albeit less than might have been scored with a full team.  

Points towards each competition in the Senior Series will be awarded to clubs after each race, with the first place team scoring 50 points, second place 40 points, and so on as follows:

1st:   50                 6th : 20

2nd :  40               7th : 18

3rd :  32                8th : 16

4th :  26                9th : 14

5th :   22               10th : 12

Eleventh and below all score 10 points.

The Mixed classification is calculated by simply adding points scored in the Male classification to points scored in the Female classification. 

In the event of a tie on points at the end of the Senior Series for any team competition, the winner will be the team which scores the most points at the relay event. If there is still a tie the winning team will be the one which scored the highest at the bonus points race. 

NOTE: The scoring for the Southwater relays will be based on a clubs fastest male relay team and fastest female relay team for the male and female competitions respectively.


What is the scoring system for the Overall Club Championships?

Athletes are classified as belonging to one of 4 age groups, U40 (Senior), 40-49 (Veteran), 50-59 (Super Veteran), 60+ (Vintage).

Athlete’s times are adjusted according to an age-weighting. Athlete’s times (in seconds) are multiplied by the age-weighting of their age-group for the male and female results separately. Result sheets are then reordered to produce age-adjusted results, with more senior athletes advancing up the table to varying degrees based on age-group.

The age-weightings for the 2020 series are unchanged and as follows:


















As before, the last placed athlete is assigned one point, the second last two points and so on up to the age-adjusted winner. 50 points will be assigned to the winning male team and 50 points to the winning female team and so on as previously described. Finally, male and female points are added together. Thus the maximum score from any event in the overall championship is 100 (with the exception of the bonus points event).

NOTE: The age-weighting applied to vets teams at the Southwater Relays will be half way between the 40-49 age-weighting and the 50-59 age-weighting for each gender.


How many points will be on offer at the Ocean Lake Sprint Triathlon


As a dedicated senior series event, all points from this race will be boosted by 50%. The points on offer from this race and this race only are as follows.


1st:   75             6th : 30

2nd :  60           7th : 27

3rd :  48           8th : 24

4th :  39           9th : 21

5th :  33           10th : 18

11th: 15             12th: 12

13th and below: 10 points


How did you calculate the age-weighting?

We analysed results from the past four years of age-group sprint distance triathlon World and European championships. Age-weightings were calculated by dividing the mean time of the top 5 athletes in the U40 category by the mean time of the top 5 athletes in each age-group, averaged across 16 internationals (8 male, 8 female). The age-weighting is a best estimate of how ageing impacts performance in age-group triathlon, and provides the basis for times to be adjusted accordingly.

If you love the numbers, a full excel spreadsheet is available here: weighting-function.xlsx


Results and Senior Series standings

Senior Series rankings will be published on the Triathlon England South East Senior Series facebook page after each race. 

In the event of any disputes, the TESE committee’s decision will be final.

If you have any questions regarding South East Senior Series or wish to join, please contact David Pearson at or send a message through the facebook page. 

We hope you will enjoy representing your club in the Senior Series and welcome any feedback.

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