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Senior Series Rules and Eligibility

How does my club enter the Series?



All TESE affiliated clubs can enter the Senior Series by registering here.  A list of all the clubs registered to date can be found below.

Club name Club location Contact name
TriTempo Eastbourne Eastbourne David Stringer
7oaks tri club Sevenoaks Andrew Evans
Tunbridge Wells Triathlon Club Tunbridge Wells Eric Perrier
Tri Surrey Sanderstead/Reigate Ken Kennison
Brighton Tri Club Brighton Mark Templeton
Horsham Amphibians Triathlon Horsham Ray Powell
East Grinstead Tri Club East Grinstead Richard Merry
MedwayTri Medway Dean Ratcliffe
Epsom Triathlon Club Epsom Gary Peters
Mid Sussex Tri Club Haywards Heath Steve McMenamin
Horsham Tri Club Horsham Graham Kempster
Tri Spirit Team Ashford, Kent Liz King

There is no registration fee. Please nominate a club co-ordinator when registering your club and please encourage your triathletes to wear club team kit when racing in the Senior Series, to promote and advertise TESE clubs.

How do individual club members enter the races in the Senior Series?

Members from each club must enter the races as individuals under their club name and pay their own entry fee. Please enter events early to avoid disappointment when they sell-out.

If the club name is not included so it appears on the results, no time will be recorded towards the Senior Series. Please ensure your entry includes your club details before the event. There will be no opportunity to retrospectively add your club after the event and there is no right of appeal if your club name is not shown on the results. Triathletes must be paid up club members and can only race for one TESE Club in any calendar year.

There are four team competitions; female, male, mixed and Mob match.

Female: The first three female triathletes from each club to finish an event count for their club’s score.

Male: The first three male triathletes from each club to finish an event count for their club’s score.

Mixed Team: The first three female and first three males triathletes to finish an event count for their club’s score. Note that individuals can count for both the mixed team and the single gender team competitions at any event.

NOTE: The scoring for the Southwater Relay will be based on the time of the first relay team for the ‘male’ and ‘female’ competitions and the first male/first female relay teams combined time for the ‘mixed’ competition.

Mob Match: There will be a ‘Mob Match’ competition for the club with the highest aggregate participation in the Senior Series.

What is the scoring system for the Female, Male and Mixed team series?

For the Female, Male and Mixed competitions, the individual event winner picks up 1 point, the 2nd placed athlete 2 points, etc for the whole race.

Total points from the three highest placed triathletes gives total points score for the team. The total points for the mixed team is made up from the highest placed three females and the highest placed three males.

As a result, the winning teams will have the lowest scores.

Points towards each competition in the Senior Series will be awarded to clubs with the first place team, (scoring the lowest points for the event) 50 points, second place 40 points, and so on as follows:

First :                50                                             Sixth :              20

Second :          40                                              Seventh :         18

Third :              32                                             Eighth :            16

Forth :              26                                             Ninth :              14

Fifth :               22                                              Tenth :             12

Eleventh and below all score 10 points.

In the event of a tie on points at the end of the Senior Series for any team competition, the results from the events where the tied clubs both competed will decide the winner. In such a situation, the winner will be the best aggregate time of the first three scoring triathletes for the female or male competitions (or first three female and first three male in case of a mixed tie).

What is the scoring system for the Mob competition?

Each triathlete completing any of the five events will score one point and the Mob club winner will be the club with the highest aggregate score.

Results and Senior Series standings

Senior Series and Mob Match rankings will appear on this website following each event.

In the event of any disputes, the TESE Committee’s decision will be final.

Please visit our dedicated Senior Series website pages here.

If you have any questions regarding South East Senior Series, please contact our Senior Series Coordinator, Stuart Beevor.

We hope you will enjoy representing your club in the Senior Series and welcome any feedback.


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