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Information and Distances

Background information on the Junior race series and the distances of these events.

Glossary of Terms

Term Description
Tristar Triathlons name for children’s age groups
Tristart 8 year olds - none competitive age group
IRC or Inter Regional Championships Annual competition which includes open water swim, draft legal bike for ages T2 – Youth. Competitors qualify to represent their Region by meeting the criteria set down by the Region.
Regional Series Competitive racing events where children are able to pitch themselves against

Triathlon has an extensive range of opportunities for children to take part, covering all aspects of the sport from fun, grassroots to high performance level.

Triathlon is a sport made up of three individual disciplines, swimming, cycling and running, however these events are done continuously from beginning to end, therefore the fourth discipline within triathlon is considered to be the point where you change between the sports and this is called the ‘Transition’. There are also other variations of the sport which include: Duathlon; run, bike, run and Aquathlon; swim, run. 


There are plenty of opportunities for children to compete from age 8 up to 19 and competition is always against other children of a similar age. Distances in the races are adjusted for age and should not exceed the maximum distances detailed on the British Triathlon website.

Age Groups are

Age Group Age
TriStars Start 8
TriStars 1 9 – 10
Tristars 2 11 – 12
Tristars 3 13 - 14
Youth 15 - 16

Distances below are the maximum recommended distances for children in each age group. These are maximums and as such you may find your child competes over shorter distances.

Junior Distances

Triathlon Swim Swim Open Water Cycle Grass Cycle Tarmac Run
TristarStart - (age 8) 50m 50m - 100m 800m 1.5k 600m
Tristars 1 - (age 9-10) 150m 150m-200m 2k 4k 1.2k
Tristars 2 - (age 11-12) 200m 200m-300m 4k 6k 1.8k
Tristars 3 - (age 13-14) 300m 300m-350m 6k 8k 2.4k

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