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Setting up your Turbo Trainer


British triathlon have partnered with Beacon, our official bike supplier, to bring you some handy bike maintenance tips.

In this video Beacon’s Peter 'Spike' Taylor (former Head Mechanic for British Cycling and Team GB), shows us how to set up your bike as a Turbo Trainer.

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Indexing your Bikes Gears

In this video Peter 'Spike' Taylor, former Head Mechanic for British Cycling and Team GB shows us how to index your gears to ensure that the hand control and the derailleur mechanism remain in tune with each other.


Packing your Saddle Bag

When you are out riding it's possible that you're going to break down. In this video British Triathlon Bike Mechanic, Glenn Coltman, talks through exactly what to keep in your saddle bag to help you get back on the road as soon as possible, following a mechanical mishap.


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