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Group Riding

Learn more about the etiquette of group riding and how to keep yourself and each other safe on training rides.


Group Riding Etiquette

Group riding is great fun and and enjoyable way to build up your miles on the bike. Watch our short video for tips on how to keep yourself and each other safe on training rides.


Hand Signals and Voice calls

Communication through voice calls and hand signals are essential when out on the road as a way of positively interacting with other road users and maintaining the safety of the group.


Race Situations

Whether racing a draft illegal or draft legal race following some simple guidance on overtaking and cornering will help ensure a safe event for all.



When carried out properly, a paceline is an effective tool for a group ride: It enables cyclists to share the work of pushing through the wind, and conserve energy within the pack.


Cycling in Winter

Cycling in winter poses different challenges, and having the correct kit for group rides will help keeep you and other road users safe. Check out our guide to Cycling in Winter here.

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