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Get The Most From Triathlon At Any Level

Whatever floats your boat, there’s something for you here. Here’s how to get the most out of triathlon – at any level.

But I can’t swim/run/ride!

With Iron kids’ open to participation from the age of three and the 85-89 Age-Group barely raising an eyebrow these days, triathlon is an inclusive sport. There’s the variety of distances, ease of access countrywide, and beginners and pros competing side-by-side, yet with three disciplines, if you’re new to the sport, the chances are you’ll see at least one of them as a bit of a tall order. But there’s no doubt that learning three skills – and the fourth of putting them together – is a rewarding challenge. Approaching your local masters group with rusty breaststroke in your armoury, joining your nearest triathlon club, finding a training buddy and joining your home nation are all steps towards completing your first triathlon. For more support, our GO TRI initiative is set up to get you to your first finish line and beyond.


‘Just finisher’? The tri world is your oyster

Triathlon offers personal participation or full-on competition in equal measure. If shoulder-jostling with that triathlete in the red Lycra in order to climb the results table isn’t your thing, then triathlon race cut-off times provide a goal that still asks for a commitment to training. Take a 70.3, for example. The eight-and-a-half hours given is achievable, but it’s still a challenge. It’s not like the London marathon, where you could be walking in that diver suit six days later and still scoop a medal. Without the podium pressure, you’re the triathlete primed for variety. While the Brownlees must repeatedly practise their road-smashing skills to bag that sub-30-minute 10k at the Olympic tri, you can spend your season enjoying road to fell, pool to lake, and everything in between. Hilly, off-road races in the wilderness are on the up and there are hundreds of inner-city races to choose from every year. With the pressure off, where will triathlon take you next?

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You can qualify for the age-group team over a number of distances and formats.

Eyes on Age-Group kit

The pros in Team GB race in red, white and blue – but unlike them, you don’t have to be headed for world domination to wear one. Racing for your home nation is as much a springboard to Elite and beyond for natural talent, as it is the ideal goal for the ‘I could be pretty good if I focused’ triathletes. You can choose from multiple distances – from sprint to long – with your intent to qualify, and Age-Group opens up a new world of travel and an unmatched sense of sporting connection. Start with becoming a home nation member which allows you to register – you can then qualify by finishing within 120% of the first athlete to reach the finish line in your age group – with the quickest times securing the available places. For more details, visit our Age-Group pages.


You’re an experienced triathlete, what’s next?

With a growing medal collection, and a couple of triathlon seasons under your belt, it’s time to think about what’s next. If you’re already racing in GB colours, then you’ll need to re-qualify in order to do it again. You can achieve pre-qualification at the championship event itself, or set your sights on qualifying the following season. Of course, there are other goals; the jewel in the crown of the long distance world being Ironman Kona – and many devote their lives to the Hawaiian dream. For others, just getting to one Ironman finish line is challenge enough. When you become a member, you’re joining a community of thousands of athletes countrywide, and accessing a range of benefits: discounts on supplements, and the all-important race license. Whatever your goal, we’re here to help you get to the finish line, and beyond.

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