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Top winter running tips

With short days still lingering, a chill in the air and strong winds its easy to put off those winter training runs so we have some top tips to help you enjoy the crisp air and maintain your fitness ready for spring.

  1. Layer up

When dressing for chilly temperatures, remember that once you get moving your body heats up fast. To avoid being left too warm and overdressed, use thinner layers and look for things you can easily carry or adapt, such as a thin neck gaiter you can wear as a headband, neck warmer, or around your wrist depending how warm you are.

  1. Warm up as soon as you finish

Just as you heat up quickly, once you stop running you will cool down quickly. Be prepared to get out of any damp clothes as soon as you finish your run, either with a change of dry clothes and a nice hot drink, or being able to jump straight into a warm shower.

Make sure to warm up after you finish your session with a change of clothes and a hot drink!

  1. Stay Safe

If you are out in the early morning or evenings opt for trails or grass where you can, rather than pavements, as they are less likely to become an ice-rink in the frost. If there has been a snow fall don’t let it put you off, instead head for the fresh snow which will give you more traction and shorten your stride.

  1. See, and be seen

Its more likely you will be running in the dark during the winter months so make sure you can easily be seen. Look out for clothing with reflectivity on the arms or legs, which make you easier to spot, or use a reflective ankle/wrist band. If your route doesn’t have any lighting invest in a headtorch to help light your way, and stick to routes you’re familiar with to eliminate the chance of injuries from unseen obstacles. As the days get longer and you head out in low light opt for bright colours over reflectivity.

  1. Keep hydrated

Just because its not as warm doesn’t mean you can stop taking on fluids! With the cooler temperatures suppressing your thirst and lower sweat rates it is easy to forget about hydration, but It is just as important during your run over the winter. If it is particularly cold why not warm up with a heated sports drink.

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