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There are over 500 qualified Technical Officials in Britain. Technical Officials are people just like you who want to get involved in triathlon by giving back.

The role of volunteer Technical Officials is integral to the success of triathlon events through helping to create safe and fair race experiences, as well as educate competitors and support Event Organisers

#TriLikeMe is a British Triathlon Campaign to show that triathlon is for everyone. Technical Officials are people just like you who want to get involved in triathlon by giving something back. Read the stories below to be inspired and click on the links to view upcoming Technical Officials courses for you chance to become a Technical Official.

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Gerry Billington

I retired from competing a number of years ago, but desperately want to stay in touch with the sport. Officiating was the obvious choice because Officials had supported me in competing and now this was my chance to pay that forward to the next wave of triathletes.

Being able to help participants by ensuring that the events they compete in are safe, as well as being around to chat, advise and help them is why I love being a Technical Official and continue to actively officiate. Like when you compete, each event that you officiate brings something new, but through being an official you experience the events in a whole new light.

Having the opportunity to stay active within the world of triathlon, as well as to be able to repay all that had been done for me as a competitor is why I’d encourage anyone to #TriLikeMe and become a Technical Official!

Check out our Local Technical Official Courses to #TriLikeGerry

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Hilary Johnson

I decided to become a Technical Official to add to my triathlon skillset. I’m already involved in coaching at my club and as an event organiser, so I thought I’d try my hand at something new! I still compete in triathlon and love being able to do both sides of the story.

Being an official helps me when I’m competing and being a competitor helps me when I officiate, because I have a wider knowledge and understanding of triathlon as a result.

I really enjoy being able to help people new to triathlon, because as a Technical Official you are in a position to educate and advise on rules and different triathlon tips. Assisting first timers to the sport is a great way to support triathlon and is a great way to be involved in grass roots sport without competing.

One of my officiating highlights was being on the swim pontoon at the Accenture World Triathlon Mixed Relay Nottingham in 2018. Seeing all the Age-Groupers line up on the pontoon was really exciting and it was great to get a further insight into the organisation of open water triathlon events.

Check out our Local Technical Official Courses to #TriLikeHilary

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Jim Kirkland

I decided to become a Technical Official in order to be able to give something back to the sport that I love and that has given me so much pleasure. I still compete and having that experience helps me, I think, be a much more effective and understanding official.

Being involved in triathlon, whether as a participant or an Official gives you a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with competitors of all abilities, from elites to those setting out on their first triathlon. The benefit of being an official is that we get the chance to advise and educate competitors to help them as they progress along their triathlon journey as well as learning from them.

There are so many things I enjoy about being an official, but meeting the people involved is definitely the best thing! The thanks you get post-race, as well as the opportunity to chat and calm the nerves of novices before the start. Everything we do as officials is for the competitors, so to be able to see their smiles of achievement (and relief) as they cross the line is fantastic!

My advice to someone looking to #TriLikeMe and become a Technical Official would be to go into every event with and open mind and treat each athlete the way you would like to be treated

Check out our Local Technical Official Courses to #TriLikeJim

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Sarah Martin

I’d been a volunteer for several years and decided that I’d like to give volunteering as a Technical Official a go. Having volunteered at events, it just seems like a different way to volunteer!I never even though about competing in a triathlon, however through volunteering and officiating have been inspired to compete.

Being able to be up close with the competitors is great. You see the excitement (and some nerves) before the race and have a chat with them as they set up their transition, then you see them once they crossed the finish line and the relief, joy, excitement and sense of achievement that is on their faces.

Whilst it may be a responsibility and at times hard work, triathlon officiating is so much fun! So #TriLikeMe and get involved!

Technical Officials help to make events safe and fair, so say hi to your Technical Official at your next event.

Check out our Local Technical Official Courses to #TriLikeSarah

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Stuart Kramer

I got talking to a Motorcycle Official at one of the events that I was competing at and thought that it would be a good way to combine riding my bike with the sport I enjoy so much. I’ve competed in many triathlons over the years and being a moto official is another way for me to be involved, but in a slightly less strenuous way!

I really enjoy being a moto official, it gives me a reason to get out on my bike (not that I need one really) and also means I contribute to this growing sport of ours. I get to see competitors having fun and being enthused by triathlon first hand, as well as be able to support them by keeping them safe and supported as they go about the cycle element.

Seeing the smiles on the competitors faces as you ride around the course is such a perk of being a motorcycle official. There are opportunities to be involved with local events and international level events, so you can get a real range as no two races are the same.

If you love triathlon (or simply want to experience it) and can ride a bike, then #TriLikeMe and get involved in being a Motorcycle Official! If you can’t ride a bike, then become a Technical Official - there are opportunities for all…

Check out our Motorcycle Official Course to #TriLikeStuart

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Robin Barber

I wanted to get involved with giving something back to the triathlon community and didn’t think that coaching would be for me. I really enjoy the fact that as a Technical Official we get to work on a range of events, one weekend I worked on my own at a race for 50 people and the next as part of a team at the 2018 UK School Games!

It’s a really nice feeling when a competitor comes up to you after a race and thanks you for your work and for helping them through being at the race. I once had to disqualify an age-group athlete for dangerous riding, and he thanked me after the race for reminding and educating him about the rules.

It’s a long day when you officiate at an event as you are there before the competitors and leave after the last one, but it is so worth it! The best thing to do if you want to #TriLikeMe and become an official is to chat to one of us at an event and book yourself on a course.

Check out our Local Technical Official Courses to #TriLikeRobin

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Jennifer-Sue Turner

I love triathlon and didn’t want age or injury to be a reason for me to lose the sport, so I turned to becoming a Technical Official and found a whole new way to engage with the sport. I’m now 72 and love being involved in the officiating side of triathlon. It keeps me busy and I get to meet new people and help guide them on their triathlon journey, as well as see many old faces from years gone by.

I still manage to compete, but having nursed my husband until he passed away in 2017 I lost a lot of my fitness. Officiating has been my salvation and I can pick out various highlights from each event I go to. I enjoy hearing the banter between an event organiser and the competitors over the megaphone without having to worry about being in ‘competition-mode’, and was once called the ‘friendly dragon’!

You meet so many wonderful people, event organisers, marshals, other officials, and of course the competitors who come in various genders, shapes, sizes and abilities. To see their smiles as they cross the finish line is a priceless moment, so #TriLikeMe and come and become a Technical Official.

Check out our Local Technical Official Courses to #TriLikeJenniferSue

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Mark Stothart

I wanted to combine my hobby of motorcycling with doing something useful and to giveback to the community. The enjoyment of watching and supporting people as they strive to, and actually do, achieve their goals whilst also enjoying my passion of my bike makes Motorcycle Officiating a great experience. I’ve also been inspired to take part in triathlons and love it! It also means I get to practice what I preach and experience the highs and lows of a triathlete.

My highlight so far was leading the Moto Officials team at the 2018 European Championships in Glasgow. It was a fabulous event and a privilege to work with a great team of officials and volunteers from all over Europe. Being able to work as part of a team at the events is great fun because they’re all such great people, and the support we get from the office staff really helps us to do the best job possible.

Whether you already compete or not, if you want to give back and help others in a growing inclusive sport, #TriLikeMe and become a TO or Moto Official! It’s a very rewarding yet fun role working within a great team of friendly officials.

Check out our Motorcycle Official Course to #TriLikeMark

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David Cole

I’ve competed in triathlons for a number of years and really enjoy taking part, but I decided that I wanted to be able to help others to enjoy the sport I love so much. I’m also looking forward to being able to build my experience at a range of local events, before taking additional courses to be able to officiate at higher level events.

There are such a range of different things to enjoy about being an official. Being able to help out at local events and see beginners get stuck in with their first triathlon, as well as seeing the kids putting their all into the sport and having so much fun at the same time. As well as beginners, it’s a privilege to be able to watch age-group athletes at the peak of their performance from close quarters and at a European Championship qualifier event I was able to support a 73 year old as they tried to qualify for the Great Britain team.

My advice is simple. #TriLikeMe and do it! Find a Local Technical Officials course and get involved. You won’t regret it.

Check out our Local Technical Official Courses to #TriLikeDavid

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Roger Oldroyd

Being a Motorcycle Official combines two things that I love, triathlon and riding my motorbike. The opportunity for me to get out on my bike and enjoy a ride, as well as be involved in triathlon events whilst giving back to the sport I love, is fantastic!

My officiating highlight was when I was a Moto Official at the World Series event in Leeds a couple of years ago. To be part of such a major event was an incredible experience and one that I feel so privileged to have been able to have. Being able to officiate at these major events is great, but I love the fact that week in week out there are opportunities to support the organisers of local events and receive the thanks from all the competitors when you see them after the race.

My advice to anyone who wants to #TriLikeMe and get involved as a Motorcycle Official is to go for it! Take the course and then speak to current officials that you meet and get as much advice as you can.

Check out our Motorcycle Official Course to #TriLikeRoger

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Rebecca Hamilton

I was inspired to get into triathlon having watched London 2012, as well as a desire to increase my general fitness. I loved it from the start and competed regularly at local races, as well as looking at training and completing longer races. Sadly, during the 2016 season I was hit by a van in a cycling time trial race and broke my back, spending 3 months in hospital and then having to learn to walk again. That was my competing over, but I couldn’t give up the sport I love, and becoming a Technical Official was the answer I was looking for!

I love being part of triathlon and being able to help others in competing when I can no longer compete myself is such as joy. The people that you meet at the events are definitely the best part. People from all walks of life all, enjoying triathlon with that determination to achieve their goals. The support you get from your regional co-ordinator (who look after us officials in a particular region) is great, they encourage and support you to be the best official that you can be, and I am so so grateful.

If I could give you one piece of advice on becoming a Technical Official, it would be to #TriLikeMe and go for it. Expect a learning curve as it is different to competing, but the support you get and the time you spend with the other officials at events is rewarding in a whole different way.

Check out our Local Technical Official Courses to #TriLikeRebecca

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Paul Tillman

Since becoming qualified Motorcycle Official I’ve really got the bug and just love being involved with it! As a Moto Official we accompany the cyclists around the course ensuring that all the athletes are safe and that they compete in a fair way. I’d never had contact with triathlon before being involved as a Moto Official, but I really enjoy the whole event atmosphere.

Each event that I get to compete at is a highlight, whether it’s a small children’s event or a national one with thousands of competitors. The best bit is to witness the hard work and effort that the competitors put into getting around the course, and the pleasure you get from seeing them after the race as they’ve achieved the goal is incredible.

If you enjoy riding a motorbike then this is a great way to try something a little bit different. #TriLikeMe and get involved!

Check out our Motorcycle Official Course to #TriLikePaul

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Helen Cooney

I’ve been competing in triathlon for the past 6 years and have absolutely loved it, but decided that as my legs were starting to complain about competing, I would stay involved with triathlon and look to support participants the same way officials had supported me as a competitor. I’m looking forward to opportunities to develop my skills and gain experience to support local events and progress on the officials pathway.

I have just completed my first year as a qualified official with my highlight being at the Deva Triathlon, where I was able to watch the sun rise over the misty River Dee. I couldn’t think of a better place to be, officiating may mean some early starts, but it is definitely worth it!

If you love being out and about, helping people achieve their aims, and are a determined and positive person, #TriLikeMe and become an official. Don’t worry about knowing all the rules at the start; the training and support will give you everything you need.

Check out our Local Technical Official Courses to #TriLikeHelen

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Ross Crombie

I became a Technical Official so that I could get a deeper understanding of the rules of triathlon in order for me to better support my club members. I also wanted to be able to give something back to the sport which has helped me so much in life and with my fitness.

The opportunity to increase my officiating experience and work towards becoming an international level official is a real benefit to becoming an official. There is an established pathway of education and increased responsibility and I want to progress and hopefully inspire other members of my club (and you) to become officials.

I love so many different things about being a Technical Official. Visiting new events across the country, being able to pick up tips from the competitors and learning about events from the organisers, supporting and guiding young athletes about the rules, as well as my club members.

Technical Officiating will open your eyes to a different triathlon world. You can choose how much time you devote to it and everyone is so helpful and friendly. You’ll definitely find officiating rewarding and there are so many different events to explore. My advice is to simply #TriLikeMe, book on a course and give something back to the best sport in the world!

Check out our Local Technical Official Courses to #TriLikeRoss

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Anthony Shaw

After years of taking part in triathlon events and being looked after by Technical Officials, event organisers, staff and volunteers, I decided it was time to give something back! I decided on officiating because through learning more about the sport I would be able to help others to be the best they can be.

Being a Technical Official gives such a great opportunity to support other people as they compete in triathlon. We get to help educate and guide competitors, as well as chat to event organisers as they develop their races to help them be as good as possible. When we get to officiate at larger events it’s also really nice to serve as part of an officiating team, supporting and learning from each other.

The fact that there are progression routes available make officiating a really attractive way to stay involved with triathlon. You start of with local events and if you want to can then qualify and gain experience to officiate at larger events. This year, as well as supporting the local events in my area, I’ve been able to officiate as part of the team at the ITU Paratriathlon World Cup at Eton Dorney.

If you want to #TriLikeMe, then just book on a course and give it a go! You’ll never know if you enjoy it or not until you’ve tried. You get to meet loads of new people and support novices, children and experienced athletes alike.

Check out our Local Technical Official Courses to #TriLikeAnthony

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Heidi Elliott

My inspiration was my husband who was a Technical Official before I was.  I’d watched and support him and he really enjoyed it, so I thought why not get involved myself! Since becoming an official I’ve loved being involved with and seeing the other side of the events.

When you’re outside of the ‘competitor bubble’ you get to enjoy seeing people from all abilities taking part, as well as see everyone as they complete their race and achieve their goals. You get one perspective as a competitor, but a very different one as an official.

I was part of the officiating team at the 2018 School Games and it was a great experience to be part of a team, as well as to witness all the new talent that has come through the system. This has definitely been my highlight because you really feel like you’re supporting them in their triathlon journey, it was also my first event as a fully qualified official.

I still compete in triathlons (yes you can do both, just not at the same time!) and I think that being a Technical Official aids my racing, and my racing definitely compliments my officiating. If you want to #TriLikeMe and get involved with triathlon officiating, then book onto a course and start the journey to getting yourself qualified!

Check out our Local Technical Official Courses to #TriLikeHeidi

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Andrew Porte

I stumbled upon Technical Officiating one day, read through the role and thought it sounded interesting so why not give it a go! I’m so glad that I did because it’s really interesting and so much fun!

At the events you get to meet a whole range of people all with different stories and backgrounds. That’s one great thing about triathlons, that you get a load of different people who all come together in the same place with the same aim. Every race is different and that keeps it fresh and interesting, but there is always a buzz around the transition area that you can feel amongst the competitors.

I’m still a racer, I just do it slowly to get my money’s worth! Being able to give something back to a sport that has given me so much is a real privilege and I find that when I officiate I get inspired to race again myself!

All I can say is #TriLikeMe and become an official! Come and speak to one of us at your next event and we’ll be able to tell you all about officiating.

Check out our Local Technical Official Courses to #TriLikeAndrew

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