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Welsh Triathlon Strategy

Our vision is to develop a triathlon community that enhances the well-being of current and future generations in Wales.

To enable this we have developed a 10 year strategy to be responsive and up-to-date to the needs of the Triathlon community in Wales.

The strategy focuses on the strategic pillars of Success, Inclusion and Sustainability. These reflect the aspiration for Welsh Triathlon, as it continues to be a fully inclusive, socially conscious organisation, where physical health and mental wellbeing of the nation is equally as important as the financial sustainability and international successes of the sport.

This strategy is more than simply sport, it aims to delivers against social inequalities and deprivation in Wales. These principles are underpinned by Sport Wales’ Vision for Sport and more widely in the Well-being of Future Generations Act (2015) Wales.

To find out more about how the strategy will positively impact on Triathlon in Wales please take some time to read the strategic documents and watch our launch video below:



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