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Welsh Triathlon Club Accreditation

Here you will find all the information you need about our club development opportunities through our club accreditation programme.

The announcement of the World Para Series event in Swansea in 2022, presents and exciting opportunity for Welsh Triathlon to work with and support the triathlon community in Wales in making the sport more accessible. 

We want to create a legacy and continue to engage our local communities in triathlon activity, we want to bring our affiliated clubs along this journey and ensure that you are creating environments that are welcoming and inclusive.

The first step to achieving this is to ensure that all our affiliated clubs to have started their Insport Tri journey by March 2022, in support of the wider legacy program we are building around the WPS event in Swansea.

Welsh Triathlon has worked with Disability Sport Wales to develop a triathlon-based club accreditation programme. The purpose of the accreditation is to support and develop safe, quality, triathlon clubs in Wales. The accreditation is available to ALL clubs that are affiliated to Welsh Triathlon. 

Junior Clubs 

To support the legacy of this event and to help promote and support junior clubs in Wales to thrive have developed an updated junior specific accreditation scheme called PACE.

The idea of PACE is to ensure that junior clubs in Wales have the capacity and the resources to provide participants with great daily training environments regardless of their ability or how much they want to take part in the sport. PACE is centred around 4 key themes which run throughout the accreditation program these are:





In line with our new strategy, we want to ensure that there are inclusive triathlon activities within 15 miles of every person in Wales and the PACE programme will help us in achieving this As we start to look towards next year, we would like for all our junior affiliated clubs to have achieved a minimum of PACE Bronze level accreditation by March 2022, in impact of the wider legacy program we are building around the WPS event in Swansea.

PACE adds an additional layer of support to ensure that junior clubs are not only accessible to all but also providing the best experience for young people in our sport.

Any club who achieves PACE Bronze will also have achieved InSport Bronze, by combining these two programmes we have a truly holistic accreditation process that has accessibility at its heart.

How will accreditation for our club work?

The process of achieving accreditation is meant to be as simple and paperless as possible for clubs. To start your club’s journey through InSport all you need to do get in touch with Gwyndaf, 

What if our club has already started their InSport journey?

If you have already signed up to insport tri and are working towards the achievement of the aims Steph will be in contact to set up a plan for your achievement of criteria and support the rest of your journey through the accreditation. 

What are the benefits of Welsh Triathlon accreditation?

This accreditation scheme is not aimed at creating more paperwork for affiliated triathlon clubs, but rather to ensure that clubs have the support they need from Welsh Triathlon. The aim of the accreditation is to also ensure that clubs are running in a safe environment that is welcoming to all members and all that wish to join. The benefits of this accreditation include the following:

  • Recognition from the wider triathlon community
  • Alignment to other clubs within the home nations
  • Support through Disability Sport Wales InSport criteria
  • Online process meaning minimal paperwork 
  • Helping new members find clubs that are inclusive
  • Guidance provided by Welsh Triathlon
  • Supporting evidence on funding bids
  • Assurance that your club is safe and welcoming
  • Assist with club development and sustainability

If you have any queries before starting the process, please get in touch with Gwyndaf at

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