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Welsh Triathlon Club Accreditation

Please note we have made it compulsory for all junior clubs to have a minimum of bronze accreditation. Please get in touch with Welsh Triathlon to discuss your clubs plans.

Welsh Triathlon has worked with Disability Sport Wales to develop a triathlon-based club accreditation programme. The purpose of the accreditation is to support and develop triathlon clubs in Wales. The accreditation programme will also ensure that clubs are running in a safe, quality environment. With this, the accreditation programme will also ensure that there is alignment in the way clubs affiliated to the home nations operate. Working with Disability Sport Wales will ensure that while clubs achieve their accreditation they receive an InSport award. The accreditation is available to all clubs that are affiliated to Welsh Triathlon. The programme will start with a Ribbon stage, after which a Bronze, Silver and Gold stage will be introduced to clubs. In time it will be a requirement for all affiliated clubs to have achieved a minimum of bronze accreditation via the programme.

How will accreditation for our club work?

The process of achieving accreditation is meant to be as simple and paperless as possible for clubs. To start your club’s journey through InSport all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Get in touch with Welsh Triathlon
  2. You will then be registered on the InSport portal and provided with login details
  3. Once you receive your login details simply login and you will find all the relevant information
  4. Under each criteria you will find a description of what is required
  5. For each criteria you will need to upload relevant documentation/evidence to illustrate that the club has fulfilled the requirements
  6. Where any criteria do not apply to the club i.e. you are an adult only club and the criteria apply to junior clubs, simply ignore these (this will be reviewed by Welsh Triathlon)
  7. Following completion of the criteria, you will receive acknowledgement from Welsh Triathlon, who will then review your documentation
  8. The club will be notified of the outcome 3-5 working days following submission

What if our club has already started their InSport journey?

Great! If your club has already started their InSport accreditation we will link this to the new system and you can carry on as before.

What are the benefits of Welsh Triathlon accreditation?

This accreditation scheme is not aimed at creating more paperwork for affiliated triathlon clubs, but rather to ensure that clubs have the support they need from Welsh Triathlon. The aim of the accreditation is to also ensure that clubs are running in a safe environment that is welcoming to all members and all that wish to join. The benefits of this accreditation include the following:

  • Recognition from the wider triathlon community
  • Alignment to other clubs within the home nations
  • Support through Disability Sport Wales InSport criteria
  • Online process meaning minimal paperwork 
  • Helping new members find clubs that are inclusive
  • Guidance provided by Welsh Triathlon
  • Supporting evidence on funding bids
  • Assurance that your club is safe and welcoming
  • Assist with club development and sustainability

If you have any queries before starting the process, please get in touch with Steph at

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