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Saturday 29th June 

Bala Junior Triathlon - Gemau Cymru - IRC Qualifiers 2 

The weekend’s multisport festivities is kicked off by the Bala Junior Triathlon. This is an Open Water event and will double up as the Urdd’s Gemau Cymru event for 2019, as well as the second of three Welsh Triathlon Qualifying events for the 2019 IRC championships at Mallory. In a change from 2018, the TS1 event will now be an Aquathlon, whilst T2 and T3’s remains as an Open Water Triathlon, swimming in Llyn Tegid, before cycling and running along the lake side on the closed A494.  To compete in the Tristar Series element and be able to qualify for the IRC team, you must ensure that you are a Welsh Triathlon member. For further information on membership, click here.

Those wanting to qualify for the IRC championships, full details of the selection process will follow shortly, but you will also need to compete in either the Llanelli Tristars Open Water Triathlon or the Park Bryn Bach – Tri in Tredegar IRC Waves. Entries to both can be found on the Tristars page, by clicking here.

Gemau Cymru is a bilingual multi-sport event for young athletes in the Welsh sporting calendar organised and delivered by the URDD in partnership with other NGBs.  Gemau Cymru is the only event in Wales that offers a platform for the best Welsh youth athletes to compete, within one event.  The games showcase various competitive elements where 11 sports have confirmed their involvement for 2019.  

Since the games began in 2011 Welsh Triathlon has been an integral partner where the triathlon competition has grown year on year.  This can be seen in the continued improvements and developments, seeing the competition move to a more suitable venue at Llyn Tegid, Y Bala.

Gemau Cymru is also happy that Swim Wales have confirmed two swimming competitions to this year’s line up.  The swimming gala will return to Cardiff and a new open water race will be introduced at Llyn Tegid, Y Bala ensuring a full weekend of competitive competitions across Wales.  This will also cement Bala as the perfect venue to hold water element sport events.

Further information and schedule can be seen at and for a promotional video, watch this

How to Enter

To enter the Bala Junior Triathlon, please click here.

Registration is open between 5:00pm and 7:00pm on the Friday and will open between 9:30am and 1:00pm on the Saturday, with the first wave commencing at approximately 1:45pm. All participants will be required to attend a compulsory safety briefing at 1:40pm.  

The races will be completed by approximately 4:30pm with presentations at approximately 4:45-5:00pm.

The Bala Team Relays

The fast and furious club relay event was well received in 2018, and we are looking for it to grow in 2019 as it provides a platform for our many clubs to go head to head, as well as new participants to the sport to have a go with groups of friends.

Here, teams of 4 will all complete a super sprint triathlon, with each member completing one discipline at a time before moving to the next, ensuring that the racing is concentrated and intense. 4 males, 4 females, 2:2 split, or any combination, members or non…there’s a category for everyone.

Prizes will be awarded for the all males, all females and mixed teams.  

If you want to ensure your team is an affiliated member of Welsh Triathlon, click here. To ensure your individual membership is up to date, click here.

The event will consist of a 300m swim, 8.5km Bike and a 2km run, where each discipline is completed first, rather than each individual completes their respective super sprint triathlon completely. Not only is this the perfect event for the various teams of the Welsh Triathlon community to go hammer and tongs, but its also the ideal warm up for those looking to compete in the Bala Sprint or Bala Standard Triathlon on Sunday, as well as for those who want to give the sport a go or have children partaking in the childrens’ event prior. Wear your colours, set up camp, and battle it out for the inaugural club relay championship.

To enter the Bala Team Relay, click here. Be sure to check your teams’ make up and know which category you’re entering. If you have any questions, please contact

The Bala Team Relay event will start, at approximately 4:00pm. Race Registration would be available between 5:00pm and 7:00pm on Friday 28th June, as well as between 9:30am and 2:30pm on the Saturday. The presentations will take place as soon as possible following the final competitor finishing his/her race.

Competitor Camp

Bala Rugby Club have been kind enough to allow the use of their facilities over the course of the weekend. There will be a limited amount of competitor parking here, as well as competitor camping over the course of the weekend. There will be showering and toilet facilities on site, as well as the bar within the rugby club building. To book a camping pitch at the Rugby club, please email wt-events@  Other accommodation providers within Bala and the surrounding areas can be found on our About Bala page if you prefer a little more luxury.



To Volunteer at the Bala Big Bash Weekend, please click here.

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