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Liam Lloyd


Liam Lloyd

Age: 25


What club are you a member of?

Cycle Specific


What is your spirit biscuit? 

Chocolate Hobnob: Not a plain hobnob because I give everything I do that extra bit.


When did you first start triathlon and why?

Following my parents passion for sport I did my first triathlon at the age of 10.


What is your best memory of a triathlon in Wales?

Winning the British Youth Championships at Parc Bryn Bach in 2010


What is your favourite Triathlon to race in Wales?

Parc Bryn Bach


What is your favourite motivational saying?

'Your ability to reach your potential is only limited to the work you are willing to put in'


What does joining this team mean to you?

It is always a honour to put on the Welsh suit and race with pride & passion for our country!


Who is your favourite sports person?

Rodger Federer

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