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Tej Quine 


Tej (Tracy Jane ) Quine

Age: 53


What club are you a member of?

Cardiff tri


What is your spirit biscuit? 

Hobnob- as im always chatting


When did you first start triathlon and why?

2011 - Ironman Tenby - first ever triathlon. Mates were doing it and I had never heard of it - didn't realise how long it was but kept going and finished in 15 hours


What is your best memory of a triathlon in Wales?

The views and the support in all the triathlons i have done in wales


What is your favourite Triathlon to race in Wales?

Mikes Bikes in Broad Haven - locally run, well supported and stunning scenery


What is your favourite motivational saying?

I do it because I can (I am a cancer nurse and my patients can't)


What does joining this team mean to you?

Really proud to represent the >50's . People say it must be easier the older you get as less people to race against - there may be less people but they are still fast !Its great to be on Team Wales too - as an english girl who moved to Wales 23 years ago - I consider myself an honorary Welsh person and all my kids speak fluent welsh now.


Who is your favourite sports person?

Lucy Gossage.

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