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Welsh Triathlon Super Series

2023 welcomes the fifth instalment of the Welsh Triathlon Super Series; a collaboration of televised sprint and standard triathlon events which showcases Wales as the natural home of Triathlon and multisport.

There will be six incredible stages from all corners of Wales, set within National Parks, along our incredible coastline and in the shadow of Wales’ industrial past. The 2023 series will deliver three sprint and three standard stages which will allow Welsh clubs and age group athletes to go head-to-head across all age categories.

In our fourth edition, it was the Seniors who stole the show. Heathwood’s Carys Mai Hughes, a podium finisher in every stage, took the top spot in the female race, whilst Carmarthen Triathlon Club’s Guto Morgans, was crowned Male Champion, narrowly beating Rhonnda Triathlon Club’s Luke Richards by only 5 points. GOG Triathlon defended their club award for the third successive series, narrowly pipping North Dock Dredgers to the title on the last stage. Taff Ely Triathlon Club finished in third.

It will be athletes’ best four scores across the series (best two for Youth and Junior) which will combine to create their individual points total, with clubs gaining points for every athlete who finishes within the top 59 places (61 for Stage 6) within their respective age categories. Athletes must complete three stages to be eligible for a podium place at the end of the series (two stages for Youth and Junior).


Stage Location Date Enter
Stage 1 Llanelli Sprint Triathlon, North Dock  Sunday 14th May 2023 Race Report
Stage 2 TATA Steelman Standard, Eglwys Nunydd Reservoir Sunday 21st May 2023 Race Report
Stage 3 SWYD Sprint Triathlon Sunday 4th June 2023 Race Report
Stage 4 The Bluestone Pembrokeshire Coast Triathlon, Broadhaven (standard) Saturday 8th July 2023 Race Report
Stage 5 Bala Standard Triathlon, Llyn Tegid Sunday 3rd September 2023  
Stage 6 The Llandudno Sprint Triathlon, Llandudno Sunday 1st October 2023  

Do I need to register for the series?

No, the series is open to Welsh Triathlon members, as well as members of the other Home Nations. All you need to do is make sure that you enter by the end of the weekend before the race, and that you enter your membership number on the entry form. Each individual race organiser shares membership numbers with us prior to the race so we can check all memberships are valid. Please make sure you enter your name and date of birth as they appear on your Welsh Triathlon membership or your member check will come back as invalid, meaning you may miss out on points.

If you want to collect points for your clubs, you also need to ensure that you clearly enter your club name when entering the race.  These will not be retrospectively added after the race as they have a knock-on effect of all the scores that are accumulated further down the finishing times.


What are the age categories?

Age categories for the Super Series
Youth 15-16
Junior 17-19
Seniors 20-39
Veterans 40-49
Vintage Veterans 50-59
Super Veterans 60-69
Super Vintage Veterans 70-79
Legends 80-89
Jedi Masters 90-99

Your age category is dependent on your age as of 31st December that year.


How are the points calculated?

As in previous years, there will be an overall open and female competition as well as age group categories for open and female. You will get a score for your finishing position within the overall competition (where the top 59 finishing members in open and female gather points), as well as the top 59 within your categories. These will be awarded as follows:

Place Points
1st Place 100 Points
2nd Place 90 Points
3rd Place 85 Points
4th Place 80 Points
5th Place 75 Points
6th Place 70 Points
7th Place 65 Points
8th Place 60 Points
9th Place 55 Points
10th Place 50 Points

Every position from 11th down to 59th in each category will then drop a point for each position, so:

11th – 49points,

12th – 48points,

13th - 47points etc…

As in previous years, there will be bonus points for the last race of the Super Series (Llandudno Sprint). These will be awarded as follows:

Place  Points
1 125
2 110
3 100
4 90
5 85
6 80
7 75
8 70
9 65
10 60
11 55
12 50

Every position from 13th down to 61st in each category will then drop a point for each position, so:

13th- 49 points

14th - 48 points

15th - 47 points

61st - 1 point


Club Competition

We want a vibrant club competition which sees the friendly rivalry of Welsh Triathlon clubs showcased on the big screen. Our triathlon community is facilitated by you, the clubs across Wales. Here is your opportunity to show what you’re all about. Irrespective of the size of your club, all you need to gain maximum points for your club are five competitors, all of whom have registered their club name when entering the race. If your club isn't stated in your race entry, you won't be eligible to win points for your club at that race. If they happen to be competing across different age categories and genders, the more likely you are to be able to bag maximum points of 500. So irrespective if you are a well-established club with 250 members, or a newly founded club on the start of your triathlon journey, within the super series, you have the same chance of gaining points. You may have finished 100th overall, but if you’re the third best in your age category, that’s still an 85 point haul for your club. This way, everyone plays their part. 


Commercial Sponsorship

If you are reading this and would like to commercially support the Welsh Triathlon Super Series, or you know of an organisation or business who would like to align with a series that promotes healthy activity and mass participation across all genders and ages, and showcases Wales as an incredible location for tourism and multisport, please email


Welsh Triathlon Super Series 2023 Results.

A full race report of the WTSS stages can be found below;

Stage 1 can be found here.

Stage 2 can be found here.

Stage 3 can be found here.

Stage 4 can be found here. 


All series' results can be found here. 

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