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Welcome to the Winter Grand Tour (WGT) 2020

WGT returns with a bang this Winter following the summer success. An expansion WGT will now see Welsh and Scottish members go head to head, as well as compete in their respective competitions.


The series once again will be facilitated by Henry Wright of Summit Fitness, and stages will take place on the following Saturdays at 10:05am; 7th, 14th and 28th November, 12th and 19th December, 2nd, 16th, 30th January, and 13th February.


You need to be a Home Nation member to compete, and you will automatically be placed in your respective Home Nation League, as well as a cross-country competition. Each Home Nation has a capacity of 300 members, and these will be awarded on a first come first served basis. If you are not currently a member, you can join here.


To register for both the individual and club competitions, click here.

The Virtual Winter Grand Tour continues this Saturday (28th November) with stage 3, a 53km circuit of the Wattopian Bigger Loop! The joy however, whatever the weather, this can be completed from the comforts of your own lounge, or the perspiring walls of your own personal pain cave!

Further information can be found in the FAQ section below, so get your turbo out for the winter, get your club mates on board and fire those legs up for some winter competition across the WGT.



When will the races take place?

We kick things off with back-to-back racing weekends! After that we will generally revert to racing every other weekend – avoiding boxing day. All fixtures are Saturdays at 10:05 GMT, and course details will be released a few weeks in advance – generally events will last 45 mins – 2hrs in total. There will be both mass start events and category-staggered events. Dates will be November 7th, 14th and 28th; December 12th and 19th ,January 2nd, 16th and 30th. February 13th.

Once you’ve registered, there will be details of a weekly warm up race which will allow you to calibrate your machines and become accustomed to online racing before the series begins.


How many stages can I compete in and how are they scored?

Once you have registered, you can compete in all 9 stages, but it will be your six best scores which automatically contribute to your individual and club scores across all competitions. If you only compete in compete in three or four races, your scores will count, but clearly those who compete the full six stand a better chance of finishing higher in the tables. The best 5 scores across all individual categories and genders will contribute to the club score for each stage.


What Info Do I need to Provide?

To register please provide the following information via email to

  • Your Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Affiliated Club Name
  • Home Nation Membership Number
  • Current Body weight
  • Turbo Trainer Model / Machine of choice
  • Your FTP (if Known)
  •  Your Email address

This level of detail ensures that we can verify all results and make sure individual and club categories are accurate from the off.


How much is Entry to the Series?

Entry is free to Home Nations Members on a first come first serve basis (300 per Home Nation). You will however need to be a monthly subscriber of Zwift and have the appropriate hardware to race virtually.


What do I need to compete?

First up, you need to be a member of your Home Nation, and you will need to provide your membership number when you register. If you don’t already have one, you can take out a membership here.

You need to be 18 years of age to compete. To race on the Zwift platform, you need to be a Zwift subscriber, do so by clicking via this link via the British Triathlon Website. You will also need a smart turbo trainer. For a list of compatible devices, please see this link.

Once you have subscribed, download the app onto your device, as well as the Zwift companion app. You will need this to register for the races.

If you need any technical support with Zwift, click here


Do I have to be a Home Nations Member?

Yes. This is a member benefit that the Home Nations are keen to promote, so once registered, all participant entries and membership numbers will be cross referenced with their Home Nation Governing Body. You must have a valid membership to get points for the WGT across individual and club categories and must complete by the racer verification process. Further information regarding levels of membership eligible to race can be provided by each Home Nation.

If you are not currently a member and want to take part, you can join us as a member today by clicking here.


What Prizes are on offer?

There will be spot Prizes on offer across the stages. The Home Nations will be responsible for their respective Home Nation competition, and all three will combine to provide prizes for the mixed category. Prizes would be awarded for the Male and Female podiums across each category at the end of the series, for each respective Home Nation.

Prizes will also be on offer for the club competition.


What are the categories?

When entering your wave on each race, be sure to enter the correct category. If you are new to Zwift, use one of the training rides to establish what your average power output is. Once you have established this, choose the correct power category.

Categories are:

Cat A: Avr 4.0-5.0W/KG

Cat B: 3.2-3.9 W/KG                 

Cat C: 2.5-3.1 W/KG                 

Cat D: 1.0-2.4 W/KG

Remember to sign up to Zwift Power, so this will also collate your rides and keep a record of your progress. Men and Women will race together within their categories, but results will split at the end of the race into male and female categories.


Racer Result Verification

Output / performance validation - Zwift is a game, and whilst we expect some minor variations in virtual race performances, we want the series results to be as fair as possible for all competitors. There will be a 4-tier system of performance validation in place and everyone has a role to play:

  1. As an individual: Check your bodyweight is accurate, and up to date on Zwift and Zwift Power. Also make sure you regularly calibrate your trainer
  2. As a club-mate: Check your performances against other athletes you know and race/train with. If there are huge disparities, there is obviously something wrong, so get it sorted and let us know
  3. Video weigh-ins: these will start after 3 rounds. Podium occupants will be selected at random and requested to produce pre-race weigh in videos. These only take a few minutes and have worked well in the past. They are private and deleted after verification.
  4. Team challenges: Ideally we don’t want things to get this far, but if two different teams challenge the same rider’s metrics, further action will be taken and that rider will need to validate their performances by either using a secondary power source or another method.

Social Media and Promotion

Once you have entered and your clubs are registered, please log onto the Summit Fitness / WGT Social pathways and be sure to tweet and tag your results with the hashtag



Regular updates will also be provided across Home Nations Social Media platforms.

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