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British Triathlon launch Safeguarding and Welfare Strategy for 2023-2026


British Triathlon, Welsh Triathlon, Triathlon England and Triathlon Scotland have launched their strategy to guide and support a “best in class” approach to safeguarding and welfare within the sport of triathlon.

You can access the strategy here >

Introducing the strategy, British Triathlon CEO, Andy Salmon, said:

“Releasing this new three-year strategy is a progression of our commitment to making the swim, bike, run community a place where everyone is safe.

“Providing a safe environment for anyone who wants to engage in triathlon is at the heart of our vision to provide great experiences through swim, bike, run, and the safeguarding of our members, participants in affiliated clubs, at permitted events and at sessions across the country is central to this.

“Achieving this aim can only be done when we understand the challenges we face and the vulnerabilities that exist within the system, mitigating them and putting processes and support structures in place.

“The collaboration between British Triathlon and the Home Nations to bring a unified approach to safeguarding highlights the importance of ensuring that the same level of experience and security can be found at settings across England, Scotland and Wales.”

The strategy was created following an external, independent review of existing safeguarding procedures conducted by Lime Culture, an agency engaged by British Triathlon to undertake a comprehensive review to ensure safeguarding obligations were being met, to identify any improvements, and make recommendations to enable the delivery of best practice in safeguarding. Annabel Timmins, Head of Safeguarding in Sport at Lime Culture, noted: “It is important to highlight British Triathlon did not commission this review due to any specific incidents or identified concerns in their safeguarding provision. Instead, this commission was driven by motivation to improve their existing safeguarding provision and support their ambition to become “best in class”.

Learn more about British Triathlon's Safeguarding.

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