Welsh Triathletes Shine at World Championships and at Marbella 70.3


Liam Lloyd,  represented GBR at the 2023 World Triathlon Long Distance Championships in Ibiza that took place over the weekend as part of the World Triathlon Multisport week. The competition was fierce, and the top athletes from around the world came together to compete at this prestigious event.

Lloyd put in an admirable performance, finishing the race in a time of 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 15 seconds, coming in 31st place overall. Despite encountering challenges during the race, he stayed determined and successfully crossed the finish line.

The race began with a gruelling swim, and Lloyd put in a solid effort in the main back. He maintained his pace through the bike ride, but he soon discovered that his energy levels weren't as high as he anticipated as he started the run.

Despite the physical and mental obstacles that he encountered; Lloyd didn't give up. He stayed focused on getting to the finish line and persevered through the last 30 kilometres of the race.

Although it was not the result he was hoping for, Lloyd showed the grit and determination that makes him an exceptional athlete. He is now motivated to work even harder during his training to perform better next time.

This was a great opportunity for Lloyd to showcase his talent and represent GBR on the world stage. After his success at the 2023 World Triathlon Long Distance Championships in Ibiza, Liam is preparing to compete in his home race of Llanelli at the Super Series Stage 1, next weekend.

Josh Lewis from the NTPCW put on a stellar performance at the Marbella 70.3, finishing 11th overall with a time of 4 hours, 4 minutes and 59 seconds. The race, which took place in brutal heat conditions, was a true test of endurance, yet Lewis managed to maintain his focus and composure throughout.

After a gruelling swim, Lewis emerged from the water in first place, ahead of his competitors by a mere three seconds. He knew he had to keep up the momentum and maintain his lead, which he did until the halfway point of the 56-mile bike leg, after which he dropped to second place.

The course was incredibly challenging, with steep climbs and descents that demanded everything from the athletes pushing themselves up the slopes and navigating the winding roads. Nevertheless, Lewis persisted, and his determination was evident throughout the course.

The half-marathon was the final leg, and it posed a significant challenge for Lewis. Despite the heat and exhaustion, he continued to move forward, fending off other competitors and ensuring that he finished strong.

While the conditions and course were brutal, Lewis succeeded in finishing the race with an impressive time and claiming the 11th spot overall. Lewis now has some positive takeaways from his time at Marbella 70.3, which will undoubtedly fuel his ambition to compete and achieve more in the future.

Wales has plenty to be proud of as two of their own - Colin Hunt and Rebecca Swainson - have brought home medals from the World Triathlon Multisport Championship held in Ibiza. Colin Hunt, who won gold in the Cross Duathlon on May 3rd, added another medal to his collection by taking home bronze in the World Triathlon Cross Championship 70-74 Open AG. Meanwhile, Rebecca Swainson secured the silver medal in the World Triathlon Long Distance Championship 25-29 Female AG. Congratulations to all the athletes who represented GBR at the championship, showing incredible skill, dedication, and hard work on the competitive stage.

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