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Club Matters Workshops


Which Workshop Will Benefit Your Club?

Is there something about the running of your club that is bugging you? 

Something that you'd like a little guidance on?

We can arrange for Club Matters to deliver one of their workshops for you:

There are 5 possible workshops that you can attend 

  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Understanding the options for Club Structures
  • How to give your club members an excellent experience
  • How to give your volunteers an excellent experience


For more details on the above workshops please visit Club Matters by clicking here. 

Club Helpline

If you have specific issues there is also the Club Helpline. 

Useful Information
Club Matters Workshops
Club Helpline
Club Information Resources

Please click here for further information about the helpline. 


Contact Kirsty Outhwaite for more information and to discuss 

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