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Volunteers and Officials


With lots of useful information on the British Triathlon website, use the button below to find out how to get involved and the important issues surrounding volunteering.

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Race Officials - Technical and Motorcycle

There are two main levels: Level 1: Local Technical Official (LTO) and Level 2: Regional Technical Official (RTO)

Here in Yorkshire we also have a requirement for motorcycle officials and would be willing to support the right people interested in getting involved. 

If you have any queries about becoming a motorcycle official please contact Ali Sibcy

There are many other roles within clubs and events within your region, that can enable you to get involved and support the sport. If you would like to volunteer, contact us at:  yorkshire-officials@triathlonengland.org or  contact your local club, they'd be delighted to hear from you.

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Triathlon Technical Officials for the Yorkshire & Humberside Region

List of known Triathlon Technical Officials who are authorised to work at events within our region.

Yorkshire Area Tech Official Level Name
South  LTO (Shadow) Ala Jackson
South  LTO (Shadow) Christopher Walker
South  LTO (Shadow) Francois-Xavier Leuthrot
South  LTO (Shadow) George Williams
East  LTO (Shadow) Joanne Barker
West  LTO (Shadow) Kirstie Hamilton
North  LTO (Shadow) Kirsty "Nik" Vogan
West  LTO (Shadow) Mary Shepard
South  LTO (Shadow) Paul Shipley
West  LTO (Shadow) Peter Yates
North  LTO (Shadow) Steve Proctor
West  LTO (Shadow) Stuart Marshall
South  LTO (Shadow) Susan Wood
South  LTO (Shadow) Tracy Mistry
South  LTO Mark Benton
West  LTO William Holder
West  RTO Donna Edmondson Booker
West  RTO Francis Riley
South  RTO Jon Middlebrooke
North  RTO Paul Mathieson
North  RTO Peter Mathieson
North West  NTO David Rigby
North  NTO Richard Tarega
North  NTO Richard Wasling
TE - UK  CTO Duncan Hough
South  NEG Motorcycle Chris Walker
South  NEG Motorcycle John Barnes
South  NEG Motorcycle Mike Drayton
Cheshire  NEG Motorcycle Pete Edwards
South  NEG Motorcycle Ric Stevenson
West  NEG Motorcycle Steve Annakin
North  NEG Motorcycle Steve Hardwick
Lincolnshire  NEG Motorcycle Stuart Sibshaw
West  NEG Motorcycle Victor Siswick
TE - UK UK BTF Officials Coordinator Alison Sibcy

Contacting Officials

Event Organisers: to book a British Triathlon Official for your event please contact:



  • Main Organiser's Name and contact details
  • Event's Name, Type and location
  • Event Date, Time and Duration
  • Your requirements, Official/s, Motorcycle, Shadows, etc.

Technical Officials: please contact: yorkshire-officials@triathlonengland.org if you:

  • need to add, amend or update your any of your details
  • are available to cover any of our events
  • receive a direct request from elsewhere to cover an event
  • are interested in training for the next level 
  • need help or advice

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