The Yorkshire Junior Triathlon Series 2017


The Yorkshire Regional committee organise annually the Junior Triathlon Series made up of events in the region.

The series is open to all Members of Triathlon England aged between 8 and 16 and prizes are awarded to the first three in each category.

To be entered for the  Yorkshire Junior Triathlon Series athletes must either live within the Yorkshire area or be a current member of a Yorkshire Triathlon registered club.

The Yorkshire Junior Triathlon Race Series is governed by the Yorkshire Triathlon Regional Committee.

Athletes will automatically be entered into the Series on entering any of the regional events.  Athletes are responsible for entering each event.

All races are sanctioned by British Triathlon and therefore competitors and spectators must abide by the rules of the British Triathlon Federation.  

There are five age classifications based on year of birth. 

Age for each group are as of 31st December 2017.

  • Tristarts - 8 years old (born 2009)
  • Tristar 1 – 9/10 years old (born 2007 / 2008)
  • Tristar 2 – 11/12 years old (born 2005 / 2006)
  • Tristar 3 – 13/14 years old (born 2003 / 2004)
  • Youth – 15/16 years old (born 2001 / 2002)

Overall positions in the series will be based on the best 5 events, three of which must be triathlon events.  In addition there will be prizes for the highest accumulated points across all events in the series. 

Points are calculated based on the winning time with the winner receiving 10000 points.  Subsequent results are calculated by dividing the winning time by the recorded time for all other athletes and multiplying the result by 10000 (eg winner 18mins 10000pts, 2nd 18 minutes 36 would receive 9677 points 18 mins divided by 18m 36s x 10000=9677).

If a race is cancelled or is deemed not to have met the level of quality that we require from a race then the committee have the right to amend the rules and the number of qualifying races.

Prizes for the top 3 male and female in each age group will be awarded at the end of the series at the Annual Presentation Event. 

Details on the races in the 2017 series and how to enter them can be found here

If you have any questions relating to this area, please contact and one of the series organisers will get back to you.

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