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IRC Selection

Inter Regional Championships (IRC’s) 2022

The IRC's are the National Championships for the TriStar2 & TriStar3 triathletes, with only the best from each region across the UK selected to compete.  Each region takes a team of 16 athletes, 8 Tristar2 (4 girls and 4 boys) and 8 Tristar 3 (4 girls and 4 boys) and the athletes race in a heats and finals format meaning every athlete races twice during the day.  Tristar 2 athletes will race an aquathlon (sea swim) and Tristar 3 athletes will compete in a triathlon (sea swim).

There may be an opportunity to take part in a mixed relay on the second day of the event but this is yet to be confirmed.

The IRC’s are part of the British Triathlon Grand Final weekend in Sunderland over the weekend of 20/21 August 2022. 

IRC Race Distances (heats and finals are the same distances)

Tristar 2 – 300m sea swim; 1,200m run

Tristar 3 – 300m sea swim; 2,600m draft legal bike; 1,200m run

Selection Criteria for Yorkshire IRC Squad

In Yorkshire we will select our team based on results from certain races within the regional junior series.  To qualify for the Yorkshire squad you must be registered with BTF as a Yorkshire athlete meaning you live in Yorkshire and/or belong to a Yorkshire triathlon club.

Selection Races for 2022

  • Harrogate Junior Aquathlon (8 May)
  • Richmond Junior Aquathlon (14 May)
  • LBT Junior Aquathlon (21 May)
  • Huddersfield Junior Triathlon (4 June)
  • Leeds Triathlon (11 June)

The three best results will count for Tri2 athletes.

Please be aware that the IRC selection criteria has been updated for Tri3 athletes.  Selection for Tri3 athletes has a focus on performance in triathlon races (rather than aquathlon) so the original qualification criteria stated that the best three results counted but at least two had to be from triathlons.  As many of you know there was a medical emergency at Huddersfield on Saturday (we are delighted that the athlete concerned is making a good recovery) and the race was abandoned before all Tri3 athletes had completed the course so these is not a full set of results for the race.  Additionally Ripon has been cancelled, so we only have one triathlon in the series, but three aquathlons. 

After much consideration and in order to weight selection in favour of triathlon performance we have decided to award double points for the Leeds Triathlon for Tri3 athletes.  Selection will still be based on the athlete’s three best results, Leeds Tri being one the other two qualifying events will be aquathlons.

We are sorry for the last minute changes but these have been made in light of exceptional circumstances. 

Qualification for Tri2 athletes remains unchanged – best three results count.

If you do not have a place at Leeds but were hoping to qualify for IRC’s and wish to discuss the situation then please email Stuart.lbt@me.com

At each race the winner in each category will be awarded 1,000 points with all other athletes points being calculated by dividing their time into the winning time and multiplying by 1,000.  For example, winning time 9:20, second place 11:02, winner is awarded 1,000, runner up 9:20/11:02*1,000 = 846 points.

Selection will be made by the Yorkshire IRC team manager (Stuart Jeffries) in conjunction with the Yorkshire Regional Committee and athletes will be notified as soon after the Ripon triathlon on 26 June as possible.  The decision of the IRC team manager and the Committee is final. 

The top three scoring athletes in each category from the qualifying races will automatically qualify for the IRC squad.  The fourth place will be awarded at the discretion of the IRC team manager Committee. 

If you have any questions about the IRC event or selection races then please contact the IRC team manager, Stuart Jeffries, stuart.lbt@me.com

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