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Great Britain Team Policy

This is the British Triathlon policy for Great Britain Age Group Teams for both ITU World and ETU European Championships in 2014.

The qualification criteria for each event are detailed on the Event page. Pre-qualifiers are reminded that they too must register online and pay the associated registration fee before the specified deadline. 


  • All applications for selection must be made using the official application process through the British Triathlon website or by telephoning the British Triathlon office.
  • You must ensure that you obtain adequate insurance cover. 
  • You must know and compete according to ITU’s competition rules for Age-Group athletes.
  • You must abide by the British Triathlon rules, by-laws and doping control regulations: British Triathlon Rule Book
  • In any dealings with the media, you must not make any derogatory remarks about British Triathlon. 
  • Your inclusion in any GB Team can be withdrawn should you fail to comply with any of the conditions outlined in this document. 


  • You must be a current member and holding a full race licence (day licence not valid) of one of British Triathlon’s Home Nations: Triathlon England/ triathlonscotland/ Welsh Triathlon. Your full race licence is internationally endorsed by the ITU.
  • You must be either a legal resident in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland or a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. 
  • You must be in good standing with your Home Nation, British Triathlon and the ITU.

Race Day

  • All ETU and ITU competitions are run under the ITU competition rules, please make yourself aware of the relevant Age-Group rules: ITU competition rules

Uniform and Sponsorship

  • All ETU and ITU championships are run under the ITU, please make yourself aware of the relevant Age-Group uniform and sponsorship rules; ITU uniform and sponsorship rules

Fees and Entry

  • The application fee to register for an event is £10 and is non-refundable.  
  • Qualified athletes will pay a £20 team management fee in addition to the race entry fee. British Triathlon will provide as much support in the way of bike mechanics and masseurs as the team size will allow.  All athletes will be expected to fund their own travel and accommodation.
  • The race entry fee is to be announced by the local event organisers and will have to be paid via British Triathlon. 
  • The race entry fee will be due to British Triathlon as announced on the ‘Event' page of the website. All applicants who have been allocated a place will see a ‘Q’ next to their name on the website. As soon as the payment system opens, athletes can log on and pay their race entry fee. The team manager will also send qualified athletes an email reminder and announce the deadline of payment. 
  • Once the entry fee and team management fee has been paid and an athlete needs  to withdraw, only the entry fee can be refunded if British Triathlon has not yet paid their fees to the championship organisers.
  • Athletes wishing to apply after the closing date for applications will not be accepted.

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