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Our Talent Identification campaign is aimed at finding talented athletes with the potential to become medallists at future Paralympic Games. If you believe that you might have what it takes to make it in paratriahtlon then sign up, what have you got ot loose?

Sign up for the British Triathlon Talent Identification Programme below:


Understanding Paratriathlon

Paratriathlon is three sports in one and internationally athletes compete over the “sprint” distance, which consists of:

  • 750m Open Water Swim
  • 20km Bike
  • 5km Run/Push

Paratriathlon is a non-drafting format of the sport, which means that after a mass start, athletes compete in a time trial against their competitors. This creates some fantastic racing as athletes use their differing strengths to try and gain as great an advantage as possible over their rivals as they progress through the three disciplines of the race.

Making the first move

We start the TID journey online. This gives both us and you more flexibility in the process and allows a far greater number of athletes to engage with the sport at this stage.

When starting your journey on our performance pathway you don’t necessarily have to have a background in triathlon, and the team that competed in Rio came from a wide variety of sports including swimming, athletics, football, cycling, rugby, surf lifesaving and rowing.


Classification System

Athletes will have a chance to hear all about the sport, the classification system (and how to be classified, if you’re not already), learn about the performance pathway, what it takes to make it to the top and where to get started, if you haven’t already. There will also be the chance to meet some of the athletes who are already on our pathway, who will share their experiences and hopefully be able to give you some advice based on their personal experiences so far. You can find out which impairment types are eligible for paratriathlon by checking out our classification page.

It's your time to shine

If you’d love to come and learn more about the sport, with a view to joining our performance pathway, then please complete the form on the link below and we’ll be in touch with more details about the next steps.



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