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Why Join a Club?

There are many great reasons to join a club near you!

Because its full of people just like you, at all levels with one thing in common, love of triathlon. Plus, you get good company, participation in social and sporting activities together and affordable [or free] access to advice and training from British Triathlon trained coaches in a safe and insured environment.  It’s a great way to have fun while exercising, make friends and share tips and information. A triathlon club is a friendly atmosphere to get stuck into your swim, cycle and run.  We know being new to Triathlon can be daunting, everyone in the club you join has been there before you and will welcome you to the triathlon family! 


One of the best things about joining a club is all the training opportunities you’ll have to improve your skills. Even in an informal way, you’ll be gaining knowledge from the experienced club members to learn more about triathlon. Add to this some of the formal coaching sessions clubs may provide and you’ll be able to make huge progress with your techniques. Remember you’ve probably got skills you think are easy that you can pass on too!


The joy of training in a club is the camaraderie and team spirit, so when you are looking for that extra motivation to keep going, you’ll find a good level of support to get you on track. You might even be inspired by some of the club members’ stories to push that bit harder. In a club environment you are likely to increase both the regularity and level of your activity because you feel that little bit more committed. Most clubs these days have thriving social media pages to keep you informed and in the loop, as well as enjoying a bit of online banter or bragging rights.


By joining a club, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to participate in days out, whether that is racing in the National Club relays for your club (all levels welcome) or competing and enjoying events as a club or group within the club. Working towards a race or event is a great way to improve your performance, confidence and racing skills and clubs can provide lots of support and information as there’ll usually be several people competing in the same event.

Cost Benefits

Often clubs will have arranged discounts for club members that you will be able to benefit from in the local area.  As part of a group, you’ll also be able to make savings through things like lift sharing to events and other activities. Best of all you’ll receive a discount when joining the Home Nations membership for British Triathlon.

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